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Rules and guidelines

On this page, you'll be able to download the following:

- TREC Ireland rulebook

- TREC Ireland PTV data sheets (obstacle information)

- TREC Ireland PTV score sheets

- Judging Guidelines

- additional information on rules and judging 

Should you have any problems accessing or downloading any of the documents please contact

1. Rulebook

The most up to date TREC Ireland rulebook (applicable as of 5th  April 2023 ) RULEBOOK

2. PTV (Obstacles) sheets

2.1 The PTV Data sheets - all the information for every obstacle under TREC Ireland rules  updated  2023   DATASHEETS

2.2 The PTV score sheets - how to score each obstacle  updated  2023  SCORESHEETS

2.3 New Obstacles  for local  use only Introduced 2023      ADDENDUM    HERE 

3.     Abbey Cup Rules                 Here      For the leading rider of the Year

4.   Judging Guidelines

The most up to date TREC Ireland Guidelines for Judges GUIDELINES

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