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TREC Ireland Documents 

On this page you'll find important documents related to TREC Ireland, including: 

 Membership Application  Link
- Group registration Form
- TREC Ireland Code of Ethics

- Coaching with TREC Ireland 

- TREC Pathway for the Resumption of Activities following the Covid-19 pandemic
If you have any problems accessing any of these, please email us at

Membership/ Groups

TREC Ireland Membership application

Coaching with TREC Ireland         Information for prospective Coaches       HERE 

TREC Ireland Coach Application Form           HERE 

TREC Ireland  Code of Ethics                            HERE 

Trec Pathway for Resumption of Activities

Resumption of activities June 2021 behind closed doors     HERE

Resumption of Activities May 2021 behind closed doors     HERE

Covid-19 Self Declaration Form     HERE

Covid Venue Risk Assessment Updated May 2021     HERE

Check List for Covid Officer Updated May 2021    HERE

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