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Event results and reports

- West Cork TREC D-TREC League, 17th September 2017, RESULTS

- Leinster TREC MA/PTV League, 17th September 2017 RESULTS

- Leinster TREC POR League, 6th August 2017 RESULTS

- Leinster TREC Medley, 23rd July 2017 RESULTS 

- West Cork TREC Midsummer, 9th July 2017 RESULTS

- Leinster TREC Speed TREC, PTV and MA, 23rd April 2017 RESULTS REPORT

- Leinster TREC D-TREC, 16th April 2017 Loughway Stud RESULTS

Leinster TREC POR League, 26th March 2017 Coolmine EC RESULTS

- Kerry TREC POR, 26th March 2017 Dingle RESULTS


- Leinster TREC Leagues 2016, PTV sponsored by TRI Equestrian and POR sponsored by The Field Equestrian Centre RESULTS

- Leinster TREC Versatile TREC League, 20th November 2016 RESULTS

- Leinster TREC Versatile TREC League, 6th November 2016 RESULTS 

- Leinster TREC The Field Equestrian POR League, 16th October 2016 RESULTS 

- West Cork TREC Speed TREC Leaguge, 16th October 2016 RESULTS

- Leinster TREC TRI Equestrian PTV/ MA League, Clonfert EC 9th October 2016 RESULTS

- TREC Ireland PTV and MA Championships, 18th September 2016 Deerpark EC, Ballymhaon, Co. Longford RESULTS 


- World Championships, Segovia, Spain - Young Rider Section Results






- Leinster TREC The Field Equestrian POR League, 28th August 2016 RESULTS 

- Open Championships, Leinster TREC, Punchestown, 6th and 7th August 2016 


     LEVEL 1

     LEVEL 2

     LEVEL 3

     LEVEL 4 

- Lullymore EC, 17th July 2016, PTV/MA League, Leinster TREC RESULTS REPORT

National Championships, West Cork TREC, Bantry Horseriding, 2nd and 3rd July 2016 REPORT


      LEVEL 1 

      LEVEL 2 

      LEVEL 3

- Leinster TREC The Field Equestrian POR League, 26th June 2016 RESULTS

- Turas TREC POR, 22nd May 2016 RESULTS 

- Leinster TREC Three Phase at The Field Equestrian Centre, 15th May 2016,  RESULTS and REPORT

- Castlewarden PTV/ MA League, Leinster TREC, RESULTS and REPORT