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TREC Ireland Coaches and Riding Instructors

​TREC Ireland has a number of “TREC coaches” and “Riding Instructors with TREC Experience” that may facilitate a variety of events for TREC Ireland, affiliated groups, and other groups such as Riding and Pony clubs, private groups, etc. These coaches and riding instructors have different expertise and levels of experience of TREC. Some may be seasoned TREC competitors and others will be very experienced judges. All are very familiar with the rules and ethos of TREC Ireland.

We differentiate between coaches and riding instructors, as coaches are knowledgeable in TREC and what is necessary, and tell participants about the ins and outs of obstacles (e.g. tips on achieving higher marks), theory training of orienteering and basic tips for MA. On the other hand, riding instructors can do this but also instruct riders on how to get their horse to achieve specific objectives, they may also correct rider’s positions and aids.

Some of our TI Coaches and Riding Instructors are also all International TREC Judges.

A list of TREC Ireland (TI) coaches and Riding Instructors and the TREC phase and level for which TI has approved them as TI Coaches and Riding Instructors, can be found on


For one to one instruction: the rider must arrange this directly with the TI Coach or Riding Instructor.

If TREC Ireland Groups wish to use a TI coach for an event, they should pay expenses (travel at 25cent/km, accommodation if necessary, refreshments etc.) as well as a daily fee, which is:

- Coaches 50 euro

Types of event: Information days/ evenings, introduction to TREC/ Orienteering/ Obstacles/ MA, mini competitions, practice days, setting up group information training in any of the three phases, training judges, tracers, organisers

Coaches and Riding Instructors may be able to hire out TREC equipment depending on the type of event agreed. This may incur an extra fee and depends on availability of equipment, but all inquiries should be addressed to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frances Whooley

Chairperson and Accreditation Supervisor 

 August 2021

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