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Organising an event

On this page you will find some information necessary for running an event - if you are missing something you can email us at, however to receive the most up to date versions of paperwork necessary to run an event please email All affiliated groups also have access to a shared Google Drive folder for all up to date paperwork.

Should you have any problems accessing or downloading any of the documents please contact

Group Information: 

There are a number of affiliated TREC Groups in the country. For full information on all the groups, such as areas covered and contact names, click HERE

Should you wish to set up your own group, please contact us at 

Coaches/ Trainers

Should you wish to have a TREC event in your area, we can help! We have a list of coaches and trainers who can facilitate, train, supervise, organise, etc.

Email the  and we will put you in touch with somebody near you.

Event Paperwork

Before running an event, groups must complete the Event notification form, and email it to   All riders and officials apply on line giving all Track and Trace information during these Covid restriction times. Their attendance is marked off by an official when they arrive at the event. This attendance sheet is sent back to TREC Ireland after the event.


Updated Dec  2023 Event Notification  forms are available HERE   in  excel format.

    Accident Report Form  available for download HERE                            Incident Report Form  available for download HERE

The MA scoring sheet is available to download     HERE.

TREC Ireland Officials

The following documents list the TREC Ireland Judges, and Technical Delegates. If you are organising an event and wish to contact a TREC Ireland Official, please email to contact the official on your behalf .  

Traceurs   available    HERE

Individual phases - below please see lists of the paperwork necessary for each of the three phases at a TREC event.

POR - what do you need?

- Sign in sheet

- Checkpoint score sheets

- Checkpoint guidelines

- Rider record cards

- Master maps

- Rider maps

PTV - what do you need?

- Sign in sheet

- PTV Data sheets

- New PTV Obstacles

- PTV Score sheets

- Start/ Finish time record sheet

- Course maps/ plans

If you are the Traceur, you also need the following (which need to be reviewed by the TD prior to the event):

- Risk assessment form

- Traceur documents for noting checkpoints, distances, speeds etc

Depending on the level of competition you may also need to prepare:

- Bearings and grid references sheets for riders

- Vet check documents

After completion of the event, riders appreciate being able to see the master maps, and the position of tickets and checkpoints (blown up if at all possible).

As the Chef de Piste, you also need to have the following (which need to be reviewed by the TD prior to the event):

- Risk assessment form

- Course maps/ plans 

It's very useful to have a table ready with what judge will be placed at what obstacle, and it is recommended at three phase events this is also reviewed by the TD.

After completion of the event, riders may query scores and it is useful to have the TD/ assistant TD available to assist with these. At group events, riders may be able to read the score sheets themselves (but not at TREC Ireland events).

MA - what do you need?

- Sign in sheet

- MA observation sheets

- MA score sheets 

Please remember for all the paperwork for MA, POR and PTV you should email to ensure you are using the most up to date versions. Available to download on the website are:

- Event notification, sign in and attendance forms

- PTV score and data sheets

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