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National Championships

Brilliant weekend at the National Championships, well done to everybody involved! Great venue with brilliant food, and of course the weather was amazing!

Winners of the first ever Grangeclare Cup were: Level 1: Lisa Moore, Level 2: Sean Fitzgibbon, Level 3: Erin Begley and Level 4: Bambi Carroll.

Overall National Champions: Level 1 Pairs Orla O'Reilly and Lisa Moore, Level 2 Pairs Sean Fitzgibbon and Sheila Fuller, Level 2 Individual Celie O'Rahilly, Level 3 Pairs Erin Begley and Mary Eliot, Level 4 Bambi Carroll. The competition clearly showed the standard of TREC has improved hugely in the past year, with a fantastic 478 points (out of 480) winning the POR Pairs (orla and lisa!), an astonishing 60 (out of 60) winning the CoP (Sean AND Kate Murray), and Lisa with the highest PTV score at 154 (out of 160!). 

A huge thank you to the sponsors, Mulvaney Racing, Kiernan's Pub, Essentiall Equestrian, Grangeclare Paddocks and Forever Living Kildare. 

Many thanks to all the helpers that came from all over the country, and to all the people in Grangeclare, who got their very first introduction to TREC and were brilliant helping everywhere they could. We look forward to running the next event there. 

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