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Leinster TREC PTV & MA League at Boswell EC

Thanks to Sheila Fuller for the report, Sheila was also the TD on the day AND won the Open class, congratulations! 





After a long, wet winter and a recent obstacle Practice Session, Leinster TREC riders were eagerly anticipating the first outing of the TRI Equestrian-sponsored PTV/MA league. This was held in the large arena at Boswell EC, which provided plenty of space for a wide variety of PTV obstacles as well as a 50m MA corridor.


The course was a clever mixture of fast and slow obstacles, both Ridden and In Hand, and was a very well planned start to the season. One of the favourite obstacles and generally well done was the Mounted Immobility, with good TREC horses standing stock still in the marked circle, fascinated at the activity in the Working Hunter class in a nearby arena! The Tree Trunk and Hedge Obstacles were also generally well done and the One-Handed Figure of Eight – a relatively new TREC obstacle – was challenging but generally a great success.


As often happens on TREC courses, the two main ‘bogey’ obstacles were the S-bend and the Gate. The S-bend seems straightforward and easy, but oh so often one hears that little ‘tap’ as the edge is knocked over! And the Ridden Gate also provides a constant challenge, so easy to open from horseback but so hard to close despite all the leg-yielding training!


And the most surprising problem obstacle of the day proved to be the model life-sized cow beside the entrance to the arena! You would like to think that TREC horses and ponies would need to be used to livestock, but to most people’s amusement (though not the rider’s) several decided it was a monster in waiting. However, all got past it safely and continued on to complete their rounds in style.


Many thanks to the owners of Boswell Equestrian for the use of their lovely facilities and congratulations and thanks to the two organisers, Celia Taylor and Margaret Lynch, for a most successful and fun competition.



Open – 1, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 2, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 3, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 4, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullan).

Intermediate – 1, The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 2, Solo (Diana O’Huid); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe).

Novice – 1, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher); 2, Fletch (Emma Robinson); 3, Ben (Margo Monaghan); 4, Brasso (Heather Egan); 5, Dandy (Fiona Lee); 6, Sparkle (Sheaffe Monteith).


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