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Leinster TREC League Results





TRI Equestrian MA/PTV League:

Open – equal 1, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid) and Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen); equal 3, Robert (Ailbhe Gavin) and Shakespeare (Maura Walsh).

Intermediate – 1, Foaly (Johanna Gilligan); 2, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 3, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 4, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 5, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 6, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor).

Novice - 1, Piper (Madeleine Kelleher); 2, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 3, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan); 4, Sailor Blue (Sheila Fuller); 5, Rio (Niall O’Rourke); 6, Choral (Siobhan French).

Leinster TREC POR League:

Level 2X/3 – 1, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen); 2, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 3, General’s Daughter); 4, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack).

Level 2 – 1, Woodbine Ben (Margo Monaghan); 2, Callie (Lorna O’Neill); 3, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 4, Haize (Marie Gallagher); equal 5, Ludo (Caroline Aragane) and Apache (Susanne O’Rourke).

Level 1 – 1, Juno (Trish Young); 2, Hawk (Treasa Fitzpatrick); equal 3, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid) and Sailor Blue (Sheila Fuller) and Song of Sixpence (Pauline Crosby) and April Raven (Rachel Harney).

Dashing Dogs Speed TREC League:

Open – 1, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 2, Robert (Ailbhe Gavin); 3, Shakespeare (Maura Walsh).

Intermediate – 1, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 2, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 3, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); equal 4, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid) and Foaly (Johanna Gilligan); 6, Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington).

Rider of the Year - Kayleigh McCormack.

Best Newcomer of the Year – Niall O’Rourke.

Member of the Year – Margo Monaghan.


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