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Donegal Trec Autumn Training Series


Donegal Training League Continues under Blue Skies.


The week started off with dark sky filled with rain but by the time

Sunday came around we were treated to a fine autumn day for the PTV

and CoP training competition at Templemore Equestrian Centre.


The youngest riders were first to tackle the course of 16 obstacles.

Twins Jade and Kelly McClafferty must have been practicing since their

introduction to the obstacles a week earlier at our event at

Ballinacross Farm. Kelly and her pony Lady scored an excellent 110

points to secure first place in the section while Jade and Monty came

second on 89 points. New riders for Donegal TREC were Lucy Boal and

Luke Porter. Lucy and Foxy rode a steady round in good style to

secure third place while Luke and Snowy who were not far behind in the

points and took fourth place. The under 15 riders are full of talent

and no doubt their names will be coming up in the reports of many

future competitions.


In the adult novice section the first place honours went to Ciara

Atcheson riding Bama with a score of 104 points. Rosemary Fisher and

Marina Hamilton tied on 96 points to share second place with their

respective mounts Maryann and Comical Errors. Just 2 points behind,

Aileen Fullerton claimed third prize while Georgie McDaid and Blue

followed in fourth place.


The young riders (aged 16-21) once again provided very high scores

with Lisa Moore and Jo Dazzler clenching first place on 154 points.

Clodagh Barry and Mervyn rode a great round to finish on 147 points

and second place. Barry also introduced her younger pony, Dusty, to

the obstacles with some skillful riding and securing third place with

a score of 94 points.


The points have been added up and the league table adjusted accordingly.


Under 16s group


Kelly McClafferty – 12 points


Jade McClafferty – 10 points


Lucy Boal – 6 points


Luke Porter – 4 points.


Open/young riders


Lisa Moore – 20 points


Clodagh Barry (Mervyn) – 16 points


Clodagh Barry (Dusty) – 6 points




Rosemary Fisher – 18 points


Ciara Atcheson – 18 points


Aileen Fullerton – 16 points


Georgie McDaid – 12 points


Marina Hamilton – 10 points


Helen Donaldson – 8 points


Melanie Ward – 8 points


Lauren McLaughlin – 4 points


Sheila Gill – 4 points


As always, our events would not be possible without the voluntary

efforts of our stewards, judges and helpers so once again we express

our thanks to all who made the event possible. The next leg of the

league will be held on Saturday the 3rd of November at Lenamore

Stables and as always, newcomers are very welcome. If you would like

to know more about any aspect of the league please send us a message

through the “contact us” part of the website

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