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TRI Equestrian Leinster TREC PTV/MA League - Leg 1

Four seasons in one day is not an exaggeration! Sunday 1st March saw Leinster Treccies battling wind, rain, sleet and snow, until finally the sun came out when the competition was finished! Every helper turned up and every rider rode. This was a great start to the TRI Equestrian Leinster TREC PTV/MA League (there are four legs) which was held in Lullymore Equestrian Centre, Rathangan, Co. Kildare.

Twelve riders took part in a challenging Open class, to include hedge jumps followed by water crossings (in walk!) and tight turns from canter corridors into rein backs. Fourteen riders too part in an easy-going Novice class, which was perfect for the start of the season and for the newcomers to TREC.

Lullymore EC is a super venue for this type of event, with an indoor barn keeping everyone dry during the warm-up, a show jumping arena where the 100m MA (control of paces) took place and a fantastic all-weather derby arena allowing for many natural obstacles. Our sponsors, TRI Equestrian, gave generously with beautiful branded saddle pads for first place and hats, neck warmers, ear muffs and gloves keeping winners of second and third places warm.

Looking forward to a great season with Leinster TREC. 

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