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TREC Ireland AGM 2015 winners

TREC Ireland AGM 2015

Read on for the winners on the night, as well as some photos. Well done everybody!

Abbey Cup Winners

Sheila Fuller accepted 6th for Paula Donohoe

Adele Connor accepted 5th for Joanna Connor and the Cup and 1st for Jane Capener

Ailbhe Gavin accepted 4th for Caroline Aragane

2nd Mairead Moynihan and 3rd Vicky McMullan accepted their own rosettes. 

Volunteers of the Year

Nominations were received for the volunteers of the Year, please read on to see what was said about them: 

Michelle Chambers and Jimmy McKinney

Michelle Chambers and Jimmy McKinney for their outstanding help at both the PTV & MA Championships in Punchestown this year and also the National Championships in Stradbally last year. Michelle acts as call up and Jimmy as starter. Between them they keep the day running smoothly and take a huge amount of pressure off organisers. Not only do they do the task asked of them but they use their initiative to deal with any problems and work really well together to ensure a fast moving day. They are invaluable helpers and really feel they deserve recognition for this.

Noreen Hennesy

Noreen has been involved in Trec since Trec Ireland was set up but always in the background. To riders she is one of the judges/ stewards that they encounter when at a competition but when they are under stress in the morning before the map room she is the one holding their horses so that they can get the equipment check done, plus doing the check and offering a calming word!! They meet her again at a checkpoint but she is invariably at multiple checkpoints on the day! They all think she in only on for their level!! Later she listens everyone’s tales of the day delighting in all their escapades. Noreen is a volunteer for competitions for the 2 days and to the organisers she is one of a small group of judges that you can depend on to turn up, can send out anywhere with anyone, can be moved around to fill in gaps/emergencies on the day and never complains!!!! She will travel the country to help out at a competition and the biggest surprise is that she doesn’t ride and has no relations competing. She just loves helping out and chatting with Trec people!!! She is ones of those special people in the background that is essential to the running of a Trec event.

The award was collected by Mairead Moynihan.

Adele Connor

West Cork TREC nominates Adèle Connor as a volunteer of the year.

Adèle has always been a keen and reliable volunteer, able to turn her hand to everything from judge to traceur to accountant; she has done it with good humour and efficiency. She is always encouraging of others and goes out of her way to help individuals to learn and succeed, often stepping down from competing herself in order to ensure that training days and competitions run smoothly. She travels to distant venues to help and she did attend every single event in West Cork as well as national events either as a rider or as helper.

She is our reliable secretary since years and an invaluable member of West Cork TREC and TREC Ireland.

Maryann Heidtke

Maryann Heidtke for helper of the year award. Maryann travelled to the Opens and has helped judge in numerous other competitions as well as providing fabulous photos for both the Nationals and Opens.

Her trophy was collected by her Maunza Heidtke

Winner of the Welsh Irish Friendship Shield - Leinster TREC On Tour

Here's the nomination received by the committee: 

My idea for the Welsh Irish Friendship Shield would be "Leinster TREC On Tour". There has now been "groupie" representation from Leinster TREC at three British Championships. It started off in Dartmoor in 2011 with a merry band of 7?, who cheered us on and provided much needed sustenance at the end of POR and all sorts of assistance over the course of the weekend. In Wales in 2013, an even merrier band of 10/11?? cheered on all nationalities and made some good friends/contacts in the process. They even shared some of their goodies - with the Irish team! Then, in Scotland, in 2015, nine groupies travelled to Temple in their minivan with "Leinster TREC On Tour" signs and provided sustenance to all comers at Level 2 POR, and rekindled old friendships and formed new ones. I doubt that there is one competitor at this year's TREC GB Championships who was not well aware that the Irish groupies were in attendance! Isn't that a suitable reason for awarding a "Friendship Shield"??"

The Shield was accepted by Leinster Treccies Diana O'Huid, Brendan Gavin and Colette Gavin. 

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