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The 2012 Kaspyr Kup




This year the Affiliated Trec Groups team’s event was held over two events, the Trec Ireland Opens at Coilog, Kilmeague, Co Kildare on the 29th September (for Levels 1 & 2 only) and at the Kerry Trec two-day event held at Gallarus, Ballyferriter, Co. Kerry on the 12-14th October (for Levels 1 – 3). There was a total of four teams, two from Leinster Trec, Team A, comprising Diana O’hUid, Celia Taylor, Laura Filan and Niamh Campbell and Team B, with Sheila Fullar, Catherine Bartley, Katie Smyth and Lorna O’Neill. Midlands Trec fielded one team composed of Tina Fagg, Judi Goor, Danielle Lowe and Ambyr Reid-McDermott. The fourth team was from Kerry Trec and was composed of Mairead Moynihan, Carla O’Neill, Aisling O’Donovan and Louise Brassil.

And the winner is… Midlands Trec with a score of 455 points. All four riders were Level 1 and rode in pairs, so did not achieve any bonus points, but had such high scores in the CoP and PTV that they carried the day. Congratulations both to them and their trainer, Karen Murphy.

Leinster Team A followed up with a score of 436 points, Leinster Team B gained 414 points and Kerry Trec had 399 points. So it was a closely fought race with only 56 points between the highest and lowest scores.

Well done to everyone and many thanks to the Group Secretaries, Karen Murphy from Midlands Trec, Gwen Bastian from Leinster Trec and Karen Nicholson from Kerry Trec for their participation.

The trophy will be presented at the AGM in Portlaoise on the 8th December. Unfortunately, Kaspyr will not be able to attend to present the winners with the trophy, but has asked me to stand in for him.

Celie and КΔςϷΨЯ


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