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Spring Sunshine for Leinster TREC POR


Leinster TREC had a beautiful summery day for their POR competition on Sunday 22nd March at the popular venue of Ballinagappa House Stables in Clane, Co Kildare. This was the first leg of the eagerly-anticipated annual Leinster TREC POR League and the organisers breathed a sigh of relief when the day dawned bright and sunny.


There was a phenomenal entry of 32 riders over three levels: 1, 2 and 2X.


The 2X riders started off with a bit of a shock in the maproom when their maps were taken and they were given bearings instructions. This brought them across the venue's lush pastures and thence on to quiet country lanes followed by forestry and bog tracks.


Levels 1 and 2 got to enjoy the picturesque lanes of the Ballinagappa area as well as the same forestry and bog tracks.


All riders returned with big smiles and full of enthusiasm for the next TREC competition. Huge thanks are due, as ever, to the organisers and volunteers.



Level 2x Pairs – 1, Monty’s Mason (Sheaffe Monteith) & Solo (Niamh O hUid); 2, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) & Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 3, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller) & Pennie Black (Trish Young); 4, Surprise (Paula Donohoe) & Haise (Marie Gallagher).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Callie (Lorna O’Neill) & Bubbes (Geraldine McGuinness); 2, Lady Jane (Sophie Sauveroche) & Cocky (Louise Parkhill); 3, Maggie (Liz Burbage) & Duke (Vicky McMullan).

Level 2 Individual - Zee (Tara Creighton).

Level 1 Pairs- 1, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke) & Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); equal 2, Ben (Margo Monaghan) & Harper (Aisling Noonan) and Frere Jacuqe (Margaret Lynch) & Fellowsfield Freelancer (Louise Parkes); equal 4, Merlin (Helen McCormack) & Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack) and Eddie (Danielle Herbert) & Santo (Una Mion); 6, Winnie (Anne Smyth) & Temple House Lady (Diarmuid Smyth).


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