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Results - TREC Ireland Open Championships

Thank you to all who took part in the TREC Ireland Open Championships at Slieve Aughty Riding Centre 24th & 25th May 2014.  



Level 1 Pairs

1st Coco (Maeve Begley) & Johnny (Cassandra O’Connell),

2nd The Bodyguard (Judi Goor) & Tango (Tina Faag),

3rd Dan (Linda Navan) & Robbie (Donna Hayes),

4th Frere Jacque (Margaret Lynch) & Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack)

5th Slieve Aughty (Carmel O’Callaghan) & Coxtown King (Orla O’Reilly)


Level 1Individual

1st Gloria (Rachel Woollett)


Level 2 Pairs

1st Rocky (Melanie Ward) & Flash (Anna McCarthy)

2nd Ross ML (Caroline Aragane) & Ziva (Severene Ray)

3rd Mason (Lorna O’Neill) & Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid)

4th Slieve Aughty (Amanda Marfleet) & Slieve Aughty (Vicki Glynn)

5th Zaristo (Sheila Fuller) & Tim (Catherine Bartley)

6th Daithi (Trix Brouwer) & Brenda Brown Buckley


Level 2 – Individual

1st Slieve Aughty (Judi Phesey)

2nd Buddy (Katie Scott)

3rd Waterside Spring Flood (Danielle Lowe)


Level 3 Pairs

1st Marlene Ralley & Rosie Still


Level 3 Individual

1st Holly Ready (Elaine Waters)

2nd Templebready Poppy (Annie O’Neill)

3rd Whitethorn Jack (Katie Smyth),

4th Sioux (Mary Elliot Burns)

5th Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor)

6th Batman (Kirsten McCormack)





Level 4 – European Cup

1st Slieve Aughty (Hilary Barnard)

2nd Portus (Sue Lee)

3rd Slieve Aughty (Gemma Marriage)

4th Wahiki (Dot Still)

5th Eldrick Redoubt (Sheila Watson)

6th Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll)




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