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Midlands Trec at Mullingar

The morning of 17th February dawned bright & sunny which was enough to put an extra bounce in our steps, as today was the final leg of our Versatile Trec league. We had a busy morning, with each group training over the PTV obstacles for 1.5 hours. It meant that everyone got to practise the obstacles they would be riding later in their test. We had a new ditch for the arena, which the horses all took to really well. A lot of riders had improved their technique on the Ridden gate, which was great to see. We also had some newcomers, which we always want to encourage, and they did really well, picking up how to ride the obstacles very quickly.


After a break for lunch, the Versatile Trec tests & COP competition began. We again had 2 classes, a Novice class which is predominately in walk & trot, although we did add in a sneaky bit of canter this time, and the Open class, which is harder as you have to canter the gaited obstacles. The tests rode well, and there was stiff competition. Those that did well executed the majority of the obstacles well, had an obedient horse, plus they rode the test accurately. It’s not always easy to do all 3 at once! The results for the day were as follows:


Open Class:

1st Tara Creighton & Zee

2nd Tina Fagg & Tango

3rd Ambyr Reid & Grey Moll

4th Diane O’Huid & Jake


Novice Class:

1st Linda Navan & Dan

2nd Gwen Bastian & Guy

3rd Nicola Souhan & JLo

4th Dee Morris

5th (Joint) Karen Reilly & Roxy

5th (Joint) Rosalyn Donnelley & Calypso

6th Ambyr Reid & Sweet Briar Lady


Mullingar Equestrian Centre has been a fantastic venue for us, everyone has enjoyed the facilities, the cafe & the central location. We hope to be back there in the not too distant future.


Thank you to everyone that helped on the day, we couldn’t run the event without our volunteers. A special mention needs to go to Anne Murphy for her help & her tasty homemade scones.


To find out more about Midlands Trec you can find us on facebook, and our events calendar is always in the photo albums, or you can send us an email at

Our next event is at Grange Farm for PTV training, but that event is already fully booked. On the 23rd March we have a POR training ride at Newtown Cashel, concentrating on practising riding to speed accurately.


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