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Leinster Trec PTV/COP League

A beautiful day dawned on the morning of our third leg of the TRI Equestrian Leinster TREC PTV/CoP League. After weeks of preparation, numerous trips up and down the N11, various phone calls and late night tea and coffee meetings, the day was finally here. A super team consisting of Niamh Ó hUid, Diana O’Huid and Gráinne Ní Uid (yes, they are related!) organised what was to be a fantastic day in the beautiful hills of Co. Wicklow.

Maltfield Stud, located near Redcross, was the venue for this next leg in our obstacle league. The PTV/CoP part of TREC consists of riders partaking in a 16-piece obstacle course and also demonstrating their control of paces by doing a slow canter and fast walk for a set distance.

The setting couldn’t have been more idyllic – a perfectly located field facing a gorgeous view of the Wicklow Mountains. 10.30am saw much appreciated volunteers dotted around the course, sitting on chairs or chatting in corners waiting for the show to begin. The light sunshine bathed the surrounding fields, forests and hills in warmth while the trailers lined up looking like they were going for a snooze.

The warm-up arena started to fill as the Open class competitors got ready for an 11am start. The first rider entered the field, an area begging for an obstacle competition with undulating slopes across the three acre setting. A gentle canter through the Contol of Paces corridor started them off, followed by their fast walk. The obstacles began with an easy pop over a boxed hedge and then off to do the Shamrock – this consists of an interesting series of loops around three barrels or cones, to be done in a particular order and at the riders choice of gait (more points for a canter of course!). Then off up the hill for the incline obstacle to be followed by some rein back and dismounted immobility. The riders came back down the hill only to mount up again and off up a different slope and through the slalom trail. There followed a series of jumps, low branches, a one-handed figure of eight and a tricky s-bend (set at an extremely challenging angle) to complete the sixteen required obstacles.

We were delighted to have eight competitors in the Open class and after a relaxing lunch break, the first of the ten Novice competitors started their set. A similar run to the Opens, but they started with the corridor obstacle and had fun over a tarpaulin ditch in the middle of the course.

Overall an outstanding day at a beautiful venue, well-hosted by Alison Whittaker. It was extremely well-organised and everybody had a very enjoyable and relaxing time. Please see for more information on what we do and a full listing of results.


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