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Championships Postponed

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the MA/PTV Championships due to take place in Ballindenisk next Sunday the 1st October, have been postponed.

Alternatives are being looked into....more detail to follow soon.

PTV and MA Championships

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The 2017 PTV and MA Championships are to be held on the 1st of October at Ballindenisk, Watergrass Hill, Cork. The event is being hosted by West Cork TREC, event secretary is Adele Connor (, and the flyer is available to download and print in the downloads section (under Event Downloads, Upcoming events). 

This competition will include PTV and MA Championship classes, as well as D-TREC and Speed TREC.

Leinster TREC PTV & MA League at Boswell EC

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Thanks to Sheila Fuller for the report, Sheila was also the TD on the day AND won the Open class, congratulations! 





After a long, wet winter and a recent obstacle Practice Session, Leinster TREC riders were eagerly anticipating the first outing of the TRI Equestrian-sponsored PTV/MA league. This was held in the large arena at Boswell EC, which provided plenty of space for a wide variety of PTV obstacles as well as a 50m MA corridor.


The course was a clever mixture of fast and slow obstacles, both Ridden and In Hand, and was a very well planned start to the season. One of the favourite obstacles and generally well done was the Mounted Immobility, with good TREC horses standing stock still in the marked circle, fascinated at the activity in the Working Hunter class in a nearby arena! The Tree Trunk and Hedge Obstacles were also generally well done and the One-Handed Figure of Eight – a relatively new TREC obstacle – was challenging but generally a great success.


As often happens on TREC courses, the two main ‘bogey’ obstacles were the S-bend and the Gate. The S-bend seems straightforward and easy, but oh so often one hears that little ‘tap’ as the edge is knocked over! And the Ridden Gate also provides a constant challenge, so easy to open from horseback but so hard to close despite all the leg-yielding training!


And the most surprising problem obstacle of the day proved to be the model life-sized cow beside the entrance to the arena! You would like to think that TREC horses and ponies would need to be used to livestock, but to most people’s amusement (though not the rider’s) several decided it was a monster in waiting. However, all got past it safely and continued on to complete their rounds in style.


Many thanks to the owners of Boswell Equestrian for the use of their lovely facilities and congratulations and thanks to the two organisers, Celia Taylor and Margaret Lynch, for a most successful and fun competition.



Open – 1, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 2, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 3, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 4, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullan).

Intermediate – 1, The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 2, Solo (Diana O’Huid); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe).

Novice – 1, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher); 2, Fletch (Emma Robinson); 3, Ben (Margo Monaghan); 4, Brasso (Heather Egan); 5, Dandy (Fiona Lee); 6, Sparkle (Sheaffe Monteith).


October Sun for TREC Ireland PTV/MA Championships

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There was an air of excitement as the dawn mist lifted over the Punchestown Racecourse, competitors signed in and began to warm up, judges took their positions along the various courses and arenas. At 8.30am, the first horse left the starter to tackle the 2km course. The Chef de Piste made excellent use of natural obstacles, cross country fences and strategic placement of portable obstacles, to provide a course which challenged horse and rider schooling and focus. The Open Championship went to West Cork’s Annie O’Neill and her reliable partner Templebready Poppy with clubmate Johanna Connor and Serendipity of Orange winning the Intermediate Championship. The Novice PTV Championship was won by Leinster TREC’s Susanne O’Rourke with Apache. Champion and reserve champion at each level were presented with rugs and numnahs, the Open kindly sponsored by Ballinagappa House Stables, Intermediate sponsored by The Field Equestrian Centre and Novice sponsored by Quinn’s of Baltinglass.


After the long gallops on the PTV track, the MA (Control of Paces) Championship required focus and engagement as riders cantered and then walked the 150m corridor, with the slowest canters and fastest walks gaining the highest marks. There was no grade distinction within the MA with riders from level 1 through to level 4 pitting their skills against each other. Erin Begley’s Darcy rose to the top to secure the MA Championships for the Turas TREC group. Champion and reserve champion were presented with a rug and numnah respectively, kindly sponsored by Saoirse Saddlery.


After a lunch break, the course was set for the X-TREC Championships. X-TREC combines cross country with PTV for a fast paced challenge of jumping and accuracy.

Annie O’Neill secured the top spot on the Open track and another rosette for the West Cork haul, while the Novice went to Midlands TREC’s Katie Elwood.


Punchestown’s sand arena housed the Versatile TREC classes, Open, Novice, Intro and Junior. Versatile TREC is ridden in the same format as a dressage test and combines PTV (obstacles) with an obedience test. Both Versatile judges commented on the high standard of riding in this class, evident with scores upward of 70% in each class. Representing the North/West TREC group, Cheyenne ridden by Karina McVeigh produced an effortless test to secure the Open Championship. Leinster TREC’s Margo Monaghan and Ben won the Novice Championship while Annie O’Neill won the Intro class.


TREC Ireland wish to thank all who made this event possible, Punchestown Racecourse for the use of world class facilities. Thank you to the very generous sponsors; The Field Equestrian Centre, Tara Equestrian, Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland, Uisce Saddlery, Ballinagappa House Stables, Saoirse Saddlery and Quinn’s of Baltinglass. Volunteers are key to hosting TREC events and the army of judges and stewards assembled for the championship was a collection any sporting organisation could be very proud of.


Finally, on behalf of each of the riders thank you to the members of Leinster TREC who, as hosts of the event, spent months preparing, coordinating and organising. The proficiency of the hosts and the red carpet welcome made the TREC Ireland PTV/MA Championships 2015 an event that we will remember for many years to come.










Open PTV Championships - 1, Templebready Poppy (Annie O’Neill); 2, Strandhill Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullan); 4, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 5, Darcy (Erin Begley); 6, Johnny (Cassie O’Connell).


Intermediate PTV Championships - 1, Serendipity of Orange (Johanna Connor); 2, Cupcake (Amanda Sheridan); 3, Gladys (Jane Capener); 4, Bay Gypsy Lady (Brenda Brown Buckley); 5, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 6, Coco (Yasmin Roo Joyce Nightingale).


Novice PTV Championships- 1, Apache ( Susanne O’Rourke); 2, Ben (Margo Monaghan); 3, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 4, Bailey (Sara Gems); 5, Shannon (Finian Carroll); 6, Archie (Mags Crawford).


Uisce Saddlery PTV Team Championships - 1, West Cork TREC Team 1 : Templebready Poppy (Annie O’Neill, ), Serendipity Of Orange (Johanna Connor), Bailey (Sara Gems), Winston (Martha Norton);

2, Leinster TREC Black: Apache (Susanne O’Rourke), Tiko (Rosemarie Bryson), Zaristo (Sheila Fuller), Callie (Lorna O’Neill);


3, Divided between West Cork Team Two: Gladys (Jane Capener), Coco (Yasmin Roo Joyce Nightingale), Flora (Sandra Schmid), Hector (Jenni Norton) and Leinster TREC Red: Ben (Margo Monaghan), Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen), Haise (Marie Gallagher).


MA Championships - 1, Darcy (Erin Begley); 2, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 3, Strandhill Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 4, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 5, Shakespeare (Maura Walsh); 6, Johnny (Cassie O’Connell).


The Field Equestrian Centre Open PTV - 1, Sullane Lady (Mairead Moynihan); 2,

Winterdown Rebecca (Nicola Corcoran).


The Field Equestrian Centre Intermediate PTV - 1, Ballycomber Blue (Katie Elwood); 2, Grace (Shirley Squire); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 4, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters).


The Field Equestrian Centre Novice PTV - 1, Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); 2, Winterdown Cruise (Justine Greer); 3,Dougal (Sean Heavey); 4,The Mighty Tim (Catherine Bartley); 5, Michaela (Bridget Sheeran); 5, Shanbo Harvest Dun (Aimee Heavey).


Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland Open X-TREC - 1, Templebready Poppy (Annie

O’Neill); 2, Darcy (Erin Begley); 3, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 4, Sullane Lady (Mairead Moynihan); 5, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 6, Kiwi (Mayah Sammon).


Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland Novice X-TREC - 1, Ballycomber Blue (Katie Elwood); 2, Tiko (Rosemarie Bryson); 3, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 4, Johnny (Cassie O’Connell); 5, Shanbo Harvest Dun (Aimee Heavey); 6, Flora (Sandra Schmid).


Tara Equestrian Open Versatile TREC – 1, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 2, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 3, Strandhill Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 4, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 5, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 6, Jodi (Bidina McCabe).


Tara Equestrian Novice Versatile TREC - 1, Ben (Margo Monaghan); 2, Bailey (Sara Gems); 3, Good Girl Pumpkin (Megan McAvoy); 4, Frere Jacque (Margaret Lynch); 5, Winterdown Cruise (Justine Greer); 6, The Mighty Tim (Catherine Bartley).


Tara Equestrian Intro Versatile TREC - 1, Templebready Poppy (Annie O’Neill); 2, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Frere Jacque (Margaret Lynch); 4, Krusty (Kayleigh McCormack); Bailey (Sara Gems); 6, Molly (Penny Kelly).










TRI Equestrian Leinster TREC PTV/MA league

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Open – 1, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor); 2, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 3, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 4, Tiko (Rosemarie Bryson); 5, Prada (Sophie Sauveroche); 6, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullan).

Novice – 1, Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); 2, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 3, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 4, Ben (Margo Monaghan); 5, Heidi (Ciara Montgomery); 6, Dolly (Cliona Lynagh).


Updated downloads

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The downloads section of the website has been updated, to include new categories and the most up to date sheets for PTV, guidelines for judging and more. 

If you are an event organiser, the 'Administration' tab will be your friend, as well as 'Rules', which contains the rulebook, and the 4 sets of guidelines for judging and stewarding. 

Riders and judges please note that the newest PTV data and score sheets (as of March 2015) are now online, and a separate set has been issued for the two ditch obstacles - in hand and ridden, to reflect changes from April 2015. 


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On Sunday, 15th February, eager riders and their mounts headed for Kingsdale Stud near Derrinturn, Co Kildare for a chance to brush up their PTV skills in readiness for the year ahead.

Thanks to owner Padraic O’Neill, we had both the large outdoor arena and the Derby Field Obstacles available for practice, and he had even organised the sun to shine for the day! With so much space, a total of 14 different TREC obstacles were laid out, many of which could be done as Led Obstacles also. They included Mounting, One-Handed Figure of Eight, Low Branches, Slalom, Tree Trunk, Ditch, S-bend, Water Crossing, Path Crossing, Drop and Step-Up.

As the first group headed out, on-foot helper Rosemarie Bryson went with them, accompanied by experienced rider Diana O’Huid. An experienced Judge, Rosemarie was able to tell the riders what was required at each Obstacle while Diana rode them to demonstrate how it should be done. With many newcomers on the day, as well as riders who had come along for a refresher, this formula worked well. Other groups were also accompanied on-foot, by Karen Reilly and Catherine Bartley who are both International riders, and with Niamh O’Huid (Level 3 TREC rider) mounted to demonstrate the Obstacles.

The last group of the day were 3 Junior Participants mounted on ponies, who were trying TREC for the first time. Accompanied by Catherine on foot, they had a great time either trying to get the ponies to stand (Immobility) or go (Water Crossing) and enjoyed ducking down to do the Low Branches!

As always with TREC, the challenges of the variety of Obstacles made for an interesting and fun day, and the smiles on everyone’s faces on finishing their practice said it all.

Our PTV/MA League starts on Sunday, 1st March and we have plenty more practice and training sessions organised throughout the year, so we look forward to meeting everyone again soon.


West Cork PTV Results 18 January 2015

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It was a cold and icy day today for the first event of the year, PTV and MA in West Cork.  


Novice class:

1st : Roo Joyce, 2nd : Megan Davies, 3rd : Maeve O'Shea, 3rd : Bridget Sheeran,

Level 2:

1st : Bastian, 2nd : Sandra Schmid, 3rd :Jane Capener. 4th : Sue Parfitt, 5th : Judith Faunch, 6th : Shirley Squire


Control of Paces :

1st : JaneCapener, 2nd : Shirley Squire, 3rd :Sandra Schmid, 4th : Bastian, 5th : Roo Joyce, 6th : Sue Parfitt


Well done to all the competitors many who had never done the COP before!  The West Cork group would like to extend their thanks to  Jenni and

Chris for the use of their venue!