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National PTV and MA Championships

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PTV Open Championship – 1, Paddy (Annie O’Neill); 2, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Templebready Poppy (Lorea O’Sullivan); 4, Strandhill Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 5, Lackagh Oscar (Kirsten McCormack); 6, April Raven (Rachel Harney).

PTV Intermediate Championship – 1, Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade); 2, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 3, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor); 4, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 5, Flower Power Diamond (Marlina Posthuma Quirke); 6, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke).

PTV Novice Championship – 1, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 2, Lackagh Castle (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 4, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller).

MA Championship – 1, Strandhill Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 2, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 3, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 4, Templebready Poppy (Lorea O’Sullivan); 5, Paddy (Annie O’Neill); equal 6, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke) and Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley).

D-TREC Open – 1, Robert (Ailbhe Gavin); 2, Lackagh Oscar (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack).

D-TREC Intermediate – 1, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 2, Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade); 3, Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith); 4, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 5, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor); 6, Flower Power Diamond (Winfried Bastian).

D-TREC Novice – 1, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 2, Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley).

SPEED TREC Open – 1, Templebready Poppy (Lorea O’Sullivan); 2, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Robert (Ailbhe Gavin); 4, Paddy (Annie O’Neill); 5, April Raven (Rachel Harney).

SPEED TREC Intermediate – 1, Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade); 2, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 3, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 4, Paris II (Siobhan Wolf); 5, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 6, Ballyphilip Gold (Francis Whooley).

Non-Championships PTV Intermediate – 1, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh).

Non-Championships PTV Novice – 1, Rio (Niall O’Rourke); 2, Bella (Colette Gaffey); 3, Song of Sixpence (Pauline Crosby).

Team PTV Championships – 1, Midlands TREC; 2, Leinster TREC A; equal 3, Leinster TREC B and West Cork TREC A.

TREC Ireland National Championships 2018

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Sunday, 22nd July dawned bright and clear as riders prepared themselves and their mounts for the TREC Ireland National Championships. The venue was The Field Equestrian Centre at Ballyadams, in Co Laois, with the kind permission of Robert Owens and Kenna Chapman. The Field EC was the perfect setting for the Championships, with its fantastic all-weather cross country course and its surrounding forestry and scenic countryside. Leinster TREC were the hosts and organisers.

As a National Championships, all three phases of TREC were to be included in the competition and Chefs de Piste were Leinster TREC’s Paula Donohoe and Marie Gallagher and Traceurs for the POR were Sheila Fuller and Margaret Lynch. TD for the Championships was Bambi Carroll of Turas TREC.

The day started off with the MA (control of paces). This was laid out on part of the all-weather track, a lovely straight level stretch, but with the challenge of some jump obstacles and water feature alongside! This caused a few swerves and breaks in pace for some but many horses got decent scores here, giving them a good start to the day.

On then to the PTV (Obstacle) part of the competition, with its 16 Obstacles, planned by Paula Donohoe and Marie Gallagher This section started in the grassy paddocks and then continued onto and round the all-weather track. An excellent mixture of Style, Pace and Timed Obstacles meant that both rider and horse skills were challenged appropriately for a Championships. Obstacles included the Hedge, Gate, Shamrock, Water Crossing, S-bend, Mounting, Immobility (Ridden and In Hand), Footbridge and a final gallop to the Tree Trunk for those who wished! Several of the Obstacles also had a related difficulty, such as walking through water, and here riders and their mounts had an opportunity to show the partnership combination which is part of the original test for TREC.

After that test, riders presented their horses for a checkup, then had a welcome break before the afternoon’s challenge of the POR (Orienteering). Levels on the day were 2A, 2 and 1, both Individual and Pairs and there was also a non-Championships class.

So - Hi-Viz gear was put on horses and riders, fly masks, fly spray, fly fringes all attached and all prepared for the hot day and for the Equipment Check. Riders then entered the Maproom, copied their maps and set off on their routes. With the help of Robert Owens, owner of The Field EC with his local knowledge & contacts, the Traceurs Sheila Fuller and Margaret Lynch had managed to put together routes with lots of off-road for all Levels, with some wonderful views, old castle ruins and a walk around a lake. Also to help with the heat, checkpoints were supplied with water for the horses. And as a final surprise and to cool off horses’ legs, the last section of the route for all horses and riders was to enter and walk through a shallow forest stream for the last 250m back to the venue and final checkpoint.

Safely back at the venue, horses could be cooled off at the washbay before a rewarding haynet and rest. From then on, it was the Scorers, Brendan Gavin and Ros Lynch who were the busiest, as they compiled the rider’s results from the various sections, adding points and subtracting penalties to find the winning combinations.

In the meantime, several presentations were made. A raffle took place for all helpers on the day, to thank them for giving so generously of their time. And presentations were made of horse/rider gear to Kirsten and Kayleigh McCormack, who will be representing Ireland at the Young Rider FITE Euromondial Championships in Italy in August this year.

Finally, the Results were out, the Championships places decided and the prize giving could take place. Trophies, rosettes & prizes from TREC Ireland were awarded to all who were placed in each class and a special crystal presentation prize was generously given by sponsor Patricia Foley of Ballyglass Farms to the winners of each class.

All who helped to make the day such a success were gratefully thanked and applauded and finally, tired but happy riders and horses made their way home to all parts of Ireland.


Level 2A Individual – 1, Strandhill Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 2, Robert (Ailbhe Gavin); 3, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson).

Level 2A Pairs – 1, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) and Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith); 2, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Elwood) and Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington) and Polly (Siobhan Wolf); 4, Juno (Trish Young) and Ginger (Sonia Serramia Ruiz).

Level 2 Individual – 1, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 2, Amber Sky (Patrick Byrne).

Level 1 Individual – 1, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid); 2, Kedra Hugo Boss (Liz Burbage); 3, West Joey (Louise Parkes); 4, Trigger (Ellie Horgan).

Level 1 Pairs – 1, Cedergardim Ocean (Siobhan Ovington) and Teddy (Phillippa Christie); 2, Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder) and Sherry (Maria Schweder); 3, Apache (Joanne Robb) and Ringo (Lauren Robb).

Non-Championship Pairs – 1, Ballyphilip Gold (Ann Little) and Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 2, Townend Lionheart (Chloe Brophy) and Rizzo (Sophie Crow); 3, Crosskennan Jethro (Ali Shields) and Zuko (Kerry Neill); 4, Maggie (Marissa Elliott) and Riley (Neil Kearns).


West Cork TREC Midsummer 2018

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Kilrussane, Knockraha, Co. Cork

23-24 June 2018

Overall Results

Level 3 Individual - 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 2, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 3, Winnie (Sandra Schmid);

Level 2A Individual - 1, Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington);

Level 2 Individual - 1, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood);

Level 2 Pairs - 1, Ballyphillip Gold (Judith Perrin) and Polly (Siobhán Wolf); 2, Shady (Lucy Murphy) and Teddy (Phillippa Christie);

Level 1 Individual - 1, Trigger (Ellie Horgan);

Level 1 Pairs - 1, Kleine Onkel (Ulrike Schweder) and Casanova Kenry (Mags O'Riordan); 2, Walty (Samantha Payne Murphy) and Silver Spring Sia (Mary Creedon); 3, Cedargardim Ocean (Siobhán Ovington) and Lackagh Oscar (Helen McCormack); 4, Rocky (Maria O'Mahony) and Slieve Rushen Warrior (Shirley Squire);


Special Categories

Best POR - Kleine Onkel (Ulrike Schweder) and Casanova Kenry (Mags O'Riordan);

Best MA - Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters);

Best PTV - Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack);

Best Young Rider - Trigger (Ellie Horgan);

West Cork TREC would like to thank our sponsors (Bluegrass Feeds, Dairygold, Equine Partnership, O'Briens Saddlery, Ryall & O'Mahony, Southern Farm & Fuel Supplies, Toymaster Ballincollig, Wolf Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Clinic, Zilco, and anonymous donors) for their generosity and lovely prizes. We would also like to say thank you to the Whooley family for the use of their farm as our venue for the weekend; to the local landowners for allowing us access across their land; to all the competitors and volunteers; and to the event officials Frances Whooley (Traceur), Adèle Connor (Chef de Piste) and Bastian (Technical Delegate).

West Cork TREC Summer Leage

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PTV competition


Sunday 10-06-18


West Cork TREC Summer League leg #2


Bantry Bay Pony Trekking, Bantry, Co. Cork.



Novice - Level 1


1st Minty (Delilah Roberts); 2nd Spotty (Anna Sofie Haffner); 3rd Ellie (Sylvi Rigden); 4th Teddy (Karen Hickey); 5th Misty (Victoria Haffner); 6th Molly (Eileen Cronin)



Intermediate - Level 2


1st Flower Power (Bastian); 2nd Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 3rd Teddy (Philippa Christie); 4th Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley); 5th Hazel (Kate Sheehan)



Congratulations to all the competitors for coming to our league event. Thanks to Bantry Bay Pony Trekking for the use of their facilities, to Megan as chef de piste, and to the judges, helpers and spectators for making this such a lovely TREC day out.



Our next event is our Midsummer event, which will be a 2-day, 3-phase event held over the weekend of 23/24 June at a lovely venue in Kilrussane, Glanmire, Cork, just off the M8 motorway. The first day is the POR (orienteering) phase, with routes through rolling countryside, quiet roads, forestry and local bye ways. The second day is for the MA (control of paces) and the PTV (obstacles) phases. Entries are being accepted for the full 2-day event or just a single day (choose either Day 1 or Day 2). Closing date has been extended until Friday 15th June. Please email for the schedule.


We will not be able to run a Summer League event in July, but we shall be back running more events for the Summer League in August and September, so please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for news of upcoming events. We would also like to wish the best of luck to our members who will be travelling to compete in the TREC Ireland National Championships at The Field Equestrian Centre, Monascreeban, Co. Laois on 22nd July 2018.

TREC Ireland Open Championships

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Slieve Aughty Equestrian Centre

11-13 May 2018

Level 1 Individual

1. Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade)

2. Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder)

3. Cassanova Kenry (Mag O'Riordan)

4. Frankie (Tracie Burroughs)

Level 1 Pairs

1. Slieve Aughty Grey (Carmel O'Callaghan) and Slieve Aughty Spring (Annie Ward McLaughlin)

2. Slieve Aughty Pinto (Kerry Neill) and Apache (Joanne Robb)

3. Cedergardim Ocean (Siobhan Ovington) and Lackagh Oscar (Helen McCormack)

Level 2 Individual

1. Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood)

2. Amber Sky (Patric Byrne)

Level 2 Pairs

1. Paris II (Siobhan Wolf) and Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

2. Nugget (Sheila Winters) and Ballingarry Badger (Anne-Marie Cronin)

3. Haize (Marie Gallagher) and Surprise (Paula Donohue)

Level 2A Individual

1. April Raven (Rachel Harney)

2. Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington)

3. Johnny (Mary Harcourt)

Level 2A Pairs

1. Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) and Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith)

2. Rushams Golden (Antje Keller) and Schalke Blue Rocco (Sabine Linka)

3. Floss (Anna McCarthy) and Duck (Keelan McCarthy)

Level 3 Individual

1. Apache (Jo McCormack)

2. Wooda (Sarah Thurnell)

3. Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack)

4. Batman (Kirsten McCormack)

5. Lissataggle Black Pearl (Elaine Waters)

6. Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson)

7. Riley (Sonia Serramia Ruiz)

Level 3 Pairs

1. Lissatagle Ebony (Karen Nicholson) and Penny (Maunza Heidtke)

Level 4 Individual

1. Cricket (Shiela Watson)

2. Slieve Aughty Panache (Dot Still)

3. Lily Langtree (Kate Gillam)

4. Slieve Aughty Tinka (Hilary Bernard)

5. Slieve Aughty Mag (Sue Lee)

6. Pippy (Mairead Moynihan)

Grangeclare Cups (Highest Placed Irish Rider)

Level 1

Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade)

Level 2

Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

Level 2A

Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor)

Level 3

Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack)

Level 4

Pippy (Mairead Moynihan)

MA Leaders

1. Cricket (Shiela Watson)

2. Apache (Jo McCormack)

3. Wooda (Sarah Thurnell)

4. Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

5. Nugget (Sheila Winters)

6. April Raven (Rachel Harney)

European Cup

1. Cricket (Shiela Watson)

2. Slieve Aughty Panache (Dot Still)

3. Lily Langtree (Kate Gillam)

4. Slieve Aughty Tinka (Hilary Bernard)

5. Slieve Aughty Mag (Sue Lee)

Young Riders Leaders

Level 3

Apache (Jo McCormack)

Level 2A

Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington)

Orla O'Reilly Memorial Shield for Best Newcomer

Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder)

Leinster TREC Winter PTV/Speed TREC League

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Open - equal 1, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin) and Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 2, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane) and Freya (Katie Elwood); 4, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 5, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 6, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor).

Novice - equal 1, Oscar (Kirsten McCormack) and Dan (Niamh Fitzpatrick); 2, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 3, Haise (Marie Gallagher); 4, April Raven (Rachel Harney); equal 5, Rio (Niall O’Rourke) and Sally (Ciara Lattimore); 6, Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Scheder).

Speed TREC - 1, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack); 2, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 3, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 4, Freya (Katie Elwood); 5, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); equal 6, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) and Surprise (Paula Donohoe).

Leinster TREC D-TREC

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Open - 1, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 2, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 3, Eddie (Danielle Herbert); 4, Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington); 5, Coolhenry Hanna (Siobhan Ovington).

Novice - 1, Rio (Susanne O'Rourke); 2, Ross ML (Caroline Aragne); 3, Brasso (Heather Egan); 4, Eddie (Danielle Herbert); 5, Rio (Natasha O'Rourke); 6, Dan (Laura Filan).

Juniors - 1, William Wallace (Archie Bell); 2, William Wallace (Jake Bell); 3, William Wallace (Abigael Banner); 4, William Wallace (Aron Banner).

Best Obedience - Ross ML (Caroline Aragane).

Best Halloween Outfit - Coolhenry Hanne (Siobhan Ovington).

Thank you to Feaha Moore for sponsoring the competition.

West Cork TREC D-TREC League

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Open (Level 3) - 1, Oscar (Lucy O’Callaghan).

Intermediate (Level 2) - 1, Finn (Jo O’Callaghan); 2, Grace (Shirley Squire); 3, Derrivara Isabella (Christina Doyle); 4, Kavanaugh (Margaret Buckley); 5, Gladys (Jane Capener).

Novice (Level 1) - 1, Ballyphillip Gold (Frances Whooley); 2, Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 3, The Dark Raider (Anna Polly); 4, Sia (Mary Creedon); 5, Big Boy (Rebecca Irwin).

West Cork TREC would like to thank Cashelane Stud for allowing us to use this wonderful venue to host our event. This event ran very smoothly thanks to everyone who was there - judges, helpers, competitors and spectators. Special thanks to Deb, Sally, Adèle, Judith, Shirley, Bastian, Megan, Elaine, Frances, Jane and Laura.

Leinster TREC MA/PTV/Speed TREC

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Open MA/PTV - 1, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid).

Intermediate MA/PTV - 1, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor); 2, Woodbine Ben (Margo Monaghan); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 4, Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington); 5, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood); 6, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane).

Novice MA/PTV - 1, Piper (Madeleine Kelleher); 2, Dan (Laura Filan); 3, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan); 4, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 5, Rio (Niall O’Rourke); 6, Kinnaveeilish Socks (Margaret Lynch).


Congratulations to all in TREC GB!

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Congratulations to all on the fantastic results!

Level 2 Individual:

Kayleigh McCormack TREC GB Champion

Level 2A Individual:

Millie O'Sullivan 5th

Lorea O'Sullivan 7th

Kate Ryan 8th

Level 2A Pairs:

Caoimhe Duggan and Kate Sheehan 9th

Level 3 Individual:

Kirsten McCormack 10th

Level 3 Pairs:

Cassie Carroll and Dede Clune 3rd

Alongside our riders were an amazing team of workers/judges/trainers/photographers/chef de equipes/drivers who made all this possible. These were Helen and John McCormack, Bambi Carroll and Finian Carroll, Annie O'Neill, Geraldine Sheehan and Kildare Transport Company.

The Welsh/Irish friendship trophy was awarded by Polly Lloyd Owen to our Adrian J. Flynn for outstanding work on the international level.

Leinster TREC POR League

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Level 2 Pairs – 1, Haize (Marie Gallagher) and Woodbine Ben (Margo Monaghan); 2, Apache (Lorcan O’Rourke) and Rio (Natasha O’Rourke).

Level 1 Individual – 1, Juno (Trish Young); 2, Freelancer (Louise Parkes).

Level 1 Pairs – 1, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid) and Song of Sixpence (Pauline Crosby); 2, Hanna (Siobhan Ovington) and Piccolo (Bobbie Ovington).


Leinster TREC Medley

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Level 2 - 1, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 2, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 3, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 4, Zee (Tara Creighton); 5, Amber Sky (Patrick Byrne); 6, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke).

Level 1 - 1, Woodbine Ben (Margo Monaghan); 2, Coolroe Gold (Niamh O’Huid); 3, Ballinclea Golden Guy (Milla Pennefather); 4, Brasso (Heather Egan).

West Cork TREC Midsummer Event

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West Cork TREC would like to thank the following people:

• Lee Valley Equestrian Centre – Karen and Ger and their helpers (Mike for cutting hedges and grass!)– for allowing us to use their venue for the competition

• The landowners Sean Lally, Conor Buckley, and the O'Riordan family – for allowing us access through their lands

• Our sponsors ( Bantry Pet & Equine Shop, Drinagh Eurospar Skibbereen, Fields Supervalu Skibbereen, Brosnans Centra Schull, Brunner Art Schull)

Berry for her sandwiches, rolls and cake, and to all who brought in food to share

• The treccies – Bastian (Technical Delegate), Adèle Connor and Ian Squire (Traceurs), Annie O’Neill (Chef de Piste), competitors, helpers and parents

The results were as follows: 

Level 2a Individual - 1, Chester (Fionnuala Solomon); 2, Templebready Poppy (Lorea O’Sullivan); 3, Daithi (Kate Ryan Brouwer); 4, Garnagree Duke (Vicki McMullen); 5, Henry (Sandra Schmid); 6, Casey (Millie O’Sullivan).

Level 2a Pairs - 1, Hector (Jenni Andrew) and Cornflake (Martha Norton); 2, Ebony (Karen Nicholson) and Penny (Maunza Heidtke); 3, Hugo Boss (Caoimhe Duggan) and Bantry Bluebell (Kate Sheehan).

Level 2 Individual - 1, Amber Sky (Patrick Byrne); 2, Borrowaddy (Emma O’Regan); 3, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters); 4, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 5, Kavanagh (Margaret Buckley); 6, Paris II (Siobhan Wolf).

Level 2 Pairs - 1, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke) and Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 2, Shady (Lucy Murphy) and Gladys (Jane Capener); 3, Winston (Samantha Payne Murphy) and Morrigan (Jane Finch).

Level 1 Pairs - 1, Apachi (Margaret Manning) and Commanche (Shirley Squire); 2, Ballyphilip Gold (Francis Whooley) and Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 3, Faerietale Dreams (Marlina Posthuma Quirke) and Teko (Tanja Khosrawi); 4, Coolhenry Hanna (Siobhan Ovington) and Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington).

Best POR – Amber Sky (Patrick Byrne).

Best MA – Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters).

Best PTV – Apache (Susanne O’Rourke).

Best U16 Overall – Faerietale Dreams (Marlina Posthuma Quirke).

Best Newcomer (MA/PTV) – Faerietale Dreams (Marlina Posthuma Quirke).

West Cork Trec Summer league PTV Sunday 28th May

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Level 1

1 Katie O'Sullivan Casey

2 Jane Finch Morrigan

3 Wayne Brearly Clyde

Level 2

1 Jenni Andrew Hector

2 Lucy Murphy Shady

3 Samantha Murphy Winston

4 Sue Parfitt Jester

Level 3

1 Lorea O'Sullivan Poppy

2 Millie O'Sullivan Casey

3 Ellie Horgan Cornflake

4 Emma O'Sullivan Robin de Banc

Leinster TREC Speed TREC, PTV and MA

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Open MA/PTV- 1, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 2, Garnagree Duke (Vicki McMullen); 3, Coolroe Gold (Niamh O’Huid).

Intermediate MA/PTV– 1, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 2, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 4, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke); 5, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid); 6, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage).

Novice MA/PTV – 1, Blue Smoke (Sheila Shanley); 2, Silver (Emma Robinson); 3, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 4, Brasso (Heather Egan); 5, Mr Tumnus (Arwen Finch); 6, Machiato (Emily Rose Schutte).

Open Speed TREC – 1, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 2, Coolroe Gold (Niamh O’Huid).

Intermediate Speed TREC – 1, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 2, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 3, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke); 4, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid); 5, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 6, April Raven (Rachel Harney).

Brooke Lodge Riding Centre, in Stepaside, Co Dublin, with its excellent facilities, was the venue for the first leg of Leinster TREC’s MA/PTV League of 2017. This League is once again kindly sponsored by TRI Equestrian, long-time supporters of TREC, and based on the Curragh of Co Kildare.

The competition was held in the generously proportioned indoor arena, which allowed for a 50m corridor for the MA, together with ample space for an assortment of Obstacles for the PTV. The warm-up arena was outside however, high up in the Dublin hills and with wonderful views over the sunny reaches of Dublin city to Dublin Bay, and so riders were able to enjoy the scenery while also preparing to compete.

First class of the day was the Novice class. This included some newcomers to TREC who were eager to find out about this relatively new sport. Great enjoyment and some hilarity was the order of the day, particularly for Obstacle number 1, the Footbridge, which took many a horse and rider by surprise, who had never experienced the skill and obedience needed to complete this first challenge. Another fun Obstacle, the Low Branches, had riders ducking down low on the withers, trying to avoid knocking off the ‘branches’ as they walked, trotted or cantered underneath. A Tree Trunk and a Hedge were among the set of Obstacles and horses and riders had to rise to the challenge of jumping an obstacle, followed by immediate control needed for the approach to the next one,

The Novices all enjoyed themselves immensely and gained good scores, with Blue Smoke and Sheila Shanley in first place, closely followed by Silver and Emma Robinson in second.


Next came the Intermediate class followed by the Opens. The more experienced riders and horses now entered the arena but as always the challenge of TREC meant that nothing could be taken for granted. Once more the first Obstacle, the Footbridge, caught many out and the bogey obstacle of the day turned out to be the S-bend which followed after, as the clatter of timber falling off the pole pods was frequently heard. One obstacle which was done well in general was the One-Handed Figure of Eight, not long introduced to TREC, so perhaps it has been practiced more than others recently!

Winner of the Intermediate section was Ross ML ridden by Caroline Aragane and in second place was April Raven and Rachel Harney, both riders continuing their winning streak after the D-TREC of the previous week.

The Open class was won by the lovely Connemara Bob, ridden by Ailbhe Gavin, and with Garnagree Duke in second place, ridden by Vicky McMullen.


Speed TREC League: For the first time, Leinster TREC riders had the chance to try out this new class of competition, based on the PTV Obstacles, and it proved to be a very popular innovation. After a rider has completed their PTV round, a fewer selected number of the PTV Obstacles is then ridden once more. This round is timed and the fastest wins. But penalties are given as seconds added for any faults, which then becomes expensive in terms of time added, so care must always be taken to try to ride the obstacle correctly.

Riders had great fun doing this Speed round as all the smiles showed as each finished and it is certain that there will be more Speed TREC competitions throughout the year.

TREC Ireland in Eersel - Kayleigh McCormack represents Ireland

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Many thanks to Helen McCormack for this report:

Midlands Trec and Ireland Young Riders panel member Kayleigh McCormack made the trip from Athlone to PCK Eersel in the Netherlands for the latest leg of The European Cup at the end of April. Riding a local Halfinger called Merlijn, she spent the days prior to the first stage of the competition getting used to her mount and familiar with the locality which forms part of a National Park.

As she had just turned 16, the local club organised a rider to shadow Kayleigh and Saturday 22nd April saw her face 32km cross country through the extensive woodlands where good use was made of the vast network of tracks and trails, both man made and left by the local deer and wild boar population. Having found every ticket and checkpoint she was very pleased with her performance on the day, particularly taking into account the fact that the local maps were very different in format to those found at home.

Day 2 saw almost 80 riders from 9 countries face firstly the MA section, followed almost immediately by the PTV at the riding centre where a very good selection of obstacles and tasks challenged both horse and rider.

Kayleigh finished in top sport in the Level 3 pairs category and the weekend will be long remembered for the bitter cold of the wind, and the genuine warmth of the welcome from the local riders and organisers (and in particular the Peters family and Vera De Boer). There were also many new friendships made with the other visiting competitors and this gave a taste of what can be expected at this summers Trec Young Riders European Championships being hosted by Trec Ireland in, Gurteen, Tipperary.

Leinster TREC D-TREC

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Open - 1, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 2, Garnagree Duke (Vicki McMullen); 3, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 4, Callie (Lorna O’Neill); 5, Eddie (Danielle Herbert); 6, Ludo (Caroline Aragane).

Novice – 1, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 2, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 3, Ludo (Caroline Aragane); 4, Callie (Lorna O’Neill); 5, Brasso (Heather Egan); 6, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan).

Juniors – 1, William Wallace (Jake Bell), 2, William Wallace (Katie Reilly); 3, William Wallace (Archie Bell); 4, Starry Night (Billie Sixsmith).

Best Obedience – Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan).

Best Turned Out – Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh). 

Leinster TREC POR at Coolmine EC, Saggart, Co Dublin.

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Many thanks to Sheila Fuller for submitting this:

Leinster TREC POR at Coolmine EC, Saggart, Co Dublin.

Sunday, 26th March, 2017.

The beautiful Dublin Mountains were the chosen destination for Leinster TREC’s first POR (Orienteering) competition of the year. Coolmine Equestrian Centre were the host venue and both organisers and riders are very grateful to the owners for the generous use of their spacious & modern facilities.

Blue skies and warm sunshine throughout the day were a wonderful bonus and allowed everyone to make the most of their time out on the various routes, whether as rider or steward, and enjoy the wide vistas and clear views across the city of Dublin to the sea on one side or to snow-capped Mount Kippure in Wicklow on the other.

The Level 3 and 2 riders were routed early on into the local forestry, where they had the challenge of fast tracks alternating with small footpaths through the trees, making a good challenge to calculate correct speeds for those sections between checkpoints.

A short stretch along the road then led to a second forest section for Levels 2 and 3, with a thrilling fast stretch over 1 km on a forest track, for any Level 2 riders who wished to enjoy an opportunity for a good pace. Level 3 riders were more challenged here, however, their route requiring a considerable degree of accuracy in measurement to correctly find an off-road footpath joining upper and lower tracks through the forest. Good map reading was rewarded when they reached the next track and could really up the pace and enjoy a fast speed along that section.

Arriving at the next checkpoint, highest point on the route, riders could rest their horses, check their maps and enjoy the most wonderful views across Counties Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow, in the warmest of Spring sunshine. After this checkpoint, the Level 2 riders were gradually returned to the home venue by quiet country roads. For the Level 3 riders, however, maps were sealed and the challenge of Bearings started here! Across the farmland, through drains and over banks, true accuracy was required to pinpoint the right way to go, time penalties ticking up on the clock for the unwary.

Finally arriving at the next checkpoint, maps were opened again with relief, only for riders to be handed a set of Grid References to complete the route back to the venue. The pillared gates of Coolmine EC were finally arrived at thankfully and horses and riders could relax and enjoy their achievement.

For the Level 1 riders, quiet country lanes and stretches of forestry tracks were the planned route to be ridden, with reassuring checkpoints at intervals for the less experienced riders to confirm their mapreading skills. The slower speeds given for this level really allowed riders to look around and enjoy the scenery, not just have their eyes on their map, as the route gradually rose higher up and the distant views emerged.

And that is what TREC is about… not just the skills of mapreading, or partnership between horse and rider, but also about enjoying all that is best and most beautiful about Ireland and its unique scenery.

Kerry TREC POR Results

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Level 3 Individual - 1, Chester (Fionnuala Solomon); 2, Johnny (Cassie Carroll); 3, Robin de Banc (Emma O’Sullivan); 4, Mazy Day (Megan Davis); 5, Daithi (Kate Ryan); 6, Coolhenry Hanna (Bobbie Ovington).

Level 3 Pairs - 1, Penny (Maunza Heidtke) and Holly (Elaine Waters); 2, Sullane Lady (Mairead Moynihan) and Lissataggle Ebony (Niamh O’Huid); 3, Hugo Boss (Caoimhe Duggan) and Casper (Lorea O’Sullivan); 4, Blue (Kate Sheehan) and Casey (Millie O’Sullivan).

Level 2 Individual – Shannon (Finn Carroll).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Harry Legs (Dede Clune) and Dinger (Hannah Clune); 2, Nugget (Sheila Winters) and Ted (Claire Bunn).

Level 1 Pairs – equal 1, Jo-Jo (Katy Martin) and Waddy (Emma O’Regan) & Pepsi (Heather Jaynes) and Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 2, Amber Sky (Patrick Byrne) and Kavanaugh (Margaret Buckley); 3, Molly (Eileen Cronin) and Chess (Catherine Devlin).


Leinster TREC POR Results

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Level 3 Individual - 1, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 2, Jordie (Ryan Brooks); 3, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack).

Level 3 Pairs - 1, Floss (Anna McCarthy) and Noodles (Sophie Robinson); 2, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen) and General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 3, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) and Ludo (Caroline Aragane).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Callie (Lorna O’Neill) and Ben (Margo Monaghan); 2, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke) and Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke).

Level 1 Individual – 1, Sailor Blue (Sheila Fuller).

Level 1 Pairs – 1, Hawk (Theresa Fitzpatrick) and April Raven (Rachel Harney) and Song of Sixpence (Pauline Crosby); 2, Quida (Laura Byrne) and Highfield Hunter (Evin Foley).