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West Cork TREC Winter League

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West Cork TREC Winter League

Leg 6 - PTV competition

Venue: Bantry Bay Pony Trekking, Hollyhill, Bantry, Co. Cork

Date: 08-04-2018

A bright and airy new indoor arena was the perfect setting for the final leg of our winter league. We had a very good turnout, and were delighted to welcome some new faces to our competition. The day was dry too, a welcome change to the recent deluges, and riders were grateful to be able to stay dry while warming up in an outdoor arena and waiting for their turn.

Not everything went to plan though. A flat tyre on the horsebox at the yard delayed the chef de piste and company. Attempts to pump the tyre were unsuccessful so they had to unhitch and change boxes before setting off on their 40 mile journey to the event. Thanks to some quick thinking and modern technology, they were able to send a photo of the course layout ahead before they left Castletownbere so that members could begin building the course while they were still en route.

Once the course was complete, another 15 mins was allowed for the riders to walk the course. There were 8 obstacles to be done twice to make it up to a course of 16 obstacles. The order for the day was Level 3 (Advanced), Level 1 (Novice), Level 2 (Intermediate).

The first Level 3 rider was called down from the practice arena, and it immediately became obvious the course was not as innocent as it looked. The spacing and positioning of some of the obstacles meant the riders had to be smart about their approach to the next obstacle, especially if they wanted to negotiate it at the higher gaits. The second obstacle was the ridden corridor but a short approach meant many didn't attempt the canter needed to get full marks. The fifth obstacle, the one-handed figure of eight tripped up some riders, and a few were caught out for not releasing the reins before the horse's front feet passed the entrance cones. The in-hand footbridge was another obstacle giving trouble - while some horses trustingly followed their rider across, others were perhaps not quite so willing.

There were 22 entries in total across the 3 classes, though some of these were repeat rounds and marked out of competition accordingly. The results were announced about 15-20 mins after the last rider had completed the course, and rosettes for 1st to 3rd places for each level were handed out.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Georgia Shiels and Bantry Bay Pony Trekking for the use of their lovely new arena, set very nicely on the hill overlooking the pond and cross-country course. We gratefully thank Bastian who, although was not able to attend the competition, transported some of the obstacles we needed to the venue the day beforehand. Last but not least, our thanks to the judges, competitors and all who attended making this a lovely day.

Level 1 Novice

1st Shelly (Norma Steele); 2nd Misty (Victoria Haffner); 3rd Paddy (Julie O'Neill); 4th Ellie (Sylvi Rigden); 5th Spotty (Anna Sofie Haffner); joint 6th Sia (Mary Creedon) and Oatie (Christina Doyle); 8th Clyde (Wayne Brealey); 9th The Dark Raider (Anna Polly)

Level 2 Intermediate

1st Pepper (Shana van Bellinghen); 2nd Paris II (Siobhán Wolf); 3rd Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 4th Grace (Shirley Squire); 5th Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

Level 3 Advanced

1st Paddy (Annie O'Neill); 2nd Winnie (Sandra Schmid); 3rd Hazel (Kate Sheehan); 4th Hazel (Lorea O'Sullivan)


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Level 3 MA/PTV - 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack) 173; 2, Callie (Lorna O’Neill) 122; 3, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson) 121; 4, Ross ML (Caroline Aragane) 104.

Level 2 MA/PTV - 1, Cheyenne (Karina McVey) 190; 2, April Raven (Rachel Harney) 185; 3, Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith) 165; 4, Apache (Natasha O’Rourke) 144; 5, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood) 142; 6, Lackagh Oscar (Kirsten McCormack) 130.

Level 1 MA/PTV - 1, Arabella Baby Blue (Robyn Caterall) 181; 2, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan) 165; 3, Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder) 150; 4, Freelancer (Louise Parkes) 148; 5, Dan (Laura Filan) 142: 6, Rio (Niall O’Rourke) 130.

Level 3 Speed TREC – 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack).

Level 2 Speed TREC – 1, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 2, Lackagh Oscar (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh); 4, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood); 5, Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith); 6, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor).

Best Overall MA – Cheyenne (Karina McVeigh).

Best Overall PTV – April Raven (Rachel Harney).

Best Overall Speed TREC – Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack).


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24th March 2018

 Ali's Place, Tobermore, Co Derry

1, Arabella (ROBYN CATTERALL) 156

2, Rizzo ( SOPHIE CROW) 127

3=, Townend Lionheart (CHLOE BROPHY) 123 & Tabs (JENNIFER HAMILL) 123

5, Summer (KIM FIELDS) 116

6, Bella J (AVA STUBBS) 106

7, Blue (KIM MURPHY) 100


9, Arrab (RIO MCDONNELL) 84

Leinster TREC Training Day

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On Saturday, 24 th March, in lovely sunny Spring weather, Leinster TREC held a ridden POR training day. This was part of a series designed to assist riders at Level 2 who wish to either improve their skills at that level or progress to Level 3 competition. TREC trainer Bambi Carroll, a Level 4 International rider, travelled to Coolmine EC in Co Dublin to give the benefits of her experience & skills to the riders.

The day started with each rider measuring their horse’s stride number, over a distance of 50 metres, in both walk and trot. This is essential for knowing how far to travel if asked: ‘On a Bearing of 185° ride for a distance of 75 metres’. Riders then continued with a series of different Bearings routes laid out throughout the acres of the equestrian centre. Riders had the opportunity to try to follow the detailed instructions for each set of Bearings, learning how to sit on the back of a moving horse while using their compass at the same time. It was a great opportunity in a training environment to be able to take time to return and repeat a step, if any rider was unsure of their accuracy.

After the morning spent on Bearings, riders and horses returned to the venue for a welcome break. Bambi then started the afternoon session with theory practice on maps in the venue’s conference centre. Riders were given lots of hints and tips and then were asked to copy map routes within a given time and also to check their ability to locate gridpoints on a map.

The day then ended with riders and horses heading out from the equestrian centre on a short route to put into practice all the skills they had learned. Similar to a competition day, they were given a map and instruction sheet with a set of Gridpoints to mark on it before leaving the venue and riding to each point in turn, using their compasses and looking for tickets to write down on the way. All riders and horses completed this part very successfully and the day ended on a high note.

Leinster TREC are very grateful to Bambi for giving her time and expertise for the benefit of all the riders who gained enormously from the whole day.

West Cork TREC Winter League

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Level 1 - Novice

1st Paddy (Julie O'Neill); 2nd Winnie (Bethany Gouldsmith); 3rd Teddy (Pippa Christie); 4th Rocky (Maria Mahony); 5th Sam (Catherine Devlin); 6th Pearl (Anna Polly)


Level 2 - Intermediate

1st Flower Power (Marlina Posthuma Quirke); 2nd Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 3rd Grace (Shirley Squire); 4th Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley); 5th Lady (Agustin Rodriguez Villanueva);

Level 3 - Advanced

1st Templebready Poppy (Lorea O'Sullivan); 2nd Paddy (Annie O'Neill); 3rd Cornflake (Martha Norton); 4th Flora (Sandra Schmid); 5th Shady (Lucy Murphy)


Many thanks to the riders, to chef de piste Annie for the lovely course, and all the judges, helpers and spectators. Special thanks to Pat and Zora for the use of the arena.


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Results West Cork TREC Winter League (Leg 4)

D-TREC Competition

Sunday 18th February 2018

Cashelane Stud, Durrus, Co. Cork

Novice Level

1st Pearl (Anna Polly); 2nd Sia (Mary Creedon); 3rd Derrivara Isabella (Christina Doyle); 4th Chess (Catherine Devlin)

Intermediate Level

1st Paris II (Siobhán Wolf); 2nd Grace (Shirley Squire); 3rd Flower Power (Marlina Posthuma Quirke); 4th Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley)

Open Level

1st Paddy (Annie O'Neill); 2nd Templebready Poppy (Lorea O'Sullivan)

Leinster TREC Calendar Update

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In March, we are starting with D TREC @ Loughway Stud on the 4th. This is a mixture of dressage movements and obstacles with rosettes and prizes sponsored by Feaha Moore of Loughway Stud. Entry form, Poster and Tests will be sent out shortly. Suitable for all levels.

On 11th March - an event taught by International TREC riders. It will consist of on foot off road and bearings training in Punchestown and surrounding area. This will be for people who have some level 2a/3 experience and also those looking to move up. Time will be allowed at the start to teach people how to follow the map using their compass, how to measure distances and also how to complete a bearings section.


All of the above, followed on the 24th March with POR training from Bambi Carroll, another International TREC rider.This is for those L2 riders who wish to advance to L3 and also for those L2 riders who wish to enhance their skills.


Details will be circulated before the events.

Leinster TREC Winter PTV League

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Open - 1, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 2, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 4, Haise (Marie Gallagher); 5, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor); 6, April Raven (Rachel Harney)

Novice – 1, Gloria (Rachel Woollett); 2, Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder); 3, Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith); Equal 4, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan) and Oscar (Kirsten McCormack); 5, Dan (Laura Filan); 6, Kinnaveeilish Socks (Margaret Lynch)

Top Score PTV – 1, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 2, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 3, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack); 4, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 5, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor)

Accumulator PTV – 1, Freelancer (Louise Parkes); 2, Oscar (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Gloria (Rachel Woollett); 4, Dan (Laura Filan); 5, Rushaun Milly (Eileen Maguire); 6, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan)

Open PTV League Final – 1, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack); 2, Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 3, Bob (Ailbhe Gavin); 4, Haise (Marie Gallagher); 5, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor); 6, April Raven (Rachel Harney)

Novice PTV League Final – 1, Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder); 2, Oscar (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith); 4, Rio (Natasha O’Rourke); 5, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan); 6, Dan (Niamh Fitzpatrick)

West Cork TREC Winter League

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SUNDAY, January 21ST

Level 1 - NOVICE

1st - Pearl (Anna Polly); 2nd - Paddy (Julie O'Neill); 3rd - Mikaela (Bridget Sheeran); 4th - Lady (Tinso)


1st - Molly (Elaine Dolan-Crowley); 2nd - Paris II (Siobhan Wolf); 3rd - Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley); 4th - Kildavan Cookie (Judith Perrin)

Level 3 - ADVANCED

1st - Paddy (Annie O'Neill); 2nd - Hazel (Kate Sheehan); 3rd - Templebready Poppy (Lorea O'Sullivan)