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Guest blog 2 - Anna McCarthy

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Thanks to Anna McCarthy for sending in this:

Annas Trec adventures

story one

where do I start my family are never too sure whether it's good or bad when I go off to trec they see the great enjoyment I get from it but then they have to listen to my reminiscences and stories for days and days afterwards ,then for months and years afterwards I see them cringe when I start to tell the same story over again but always with the same enthusiasm I

I have been lucky enough to do trec pairing at different times with all three of my kids and I have to say these times have always been great very fun times being able to share the whole experience together never once has there been an upset .one can only laugh about mistakes especially in orienteering because afterwards they are so ridiculous ,when you look back later at the map ,and realise where you went and where are you should've gone !

the best story regarding this was at a trec orla organised at Rath Mullen Donegal it also taught me don't be like a sheep and follow the one in front !

my 15-year-old son and I came out of The map room very confident as always I said did you notice we go away from the start across the field not the beach? we were very smart cookies !so off we went feeling very smug and at the bottom of the field met the pair who had gone out in front and had a great laugh as they had gone the wrong way, down the beach ,and we so clever we went the right way ,so off they headed just in front, but we took time to check the map road crossing and small bridge, all good !,,following along behind the others happily ,then arriving 10 minutes later in Rath Mullen ,(which we had been told at the start was where we were... not.... to go )O dear must've gone wrong couldn't work out problem at all ...then there was another pair joined the confusion ...eventually... We got to a check point and caused more mayhem at eight of us there at once....the real laugh was when we got home I looked at the bigger picture on map route showed us to go away from the beach at right angle and here we were all running up and down the road lost and this road was perfectlly parallel to the beach we learnt that day to always look at the bigger picture

story 2 to follow

Man training naughty dog in mountains

Updated downloads

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The downloads section of the website has been updated, to include new categories and the most up to date sheets for PTV, guidelines for judging and more. 

If you are an event organiser, the 'Administration' tab will be your friend, as well as 'Rules', which contains the rulebook, and the 4 sets of guidelines for judging and stewarding. 

Riders and judges please note that the newest PTV data and score sheets (as of March 2015) are now online, and a separate set has been issued for the two ditch obstacles - in hand and ridden, to reflect changes from April 2015. 

Three Counties Trec POR Competition

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Keeldra Lake, in Cloone Co. Leitrim proved an ideal venue for ThreeCounties TREC's first POR competition held 29th March 2015. With fantastic scenery and extensive countryside, tracuer and secretary Elaine Neary set interesting routes for both level 1 (approx 11km) and level 2 (approx. 16) which 'asked a few questions.’  Twenty entries were received from ranging from Cavan and even as far afield as Ollie Kyne an experienced “Treccie” from Co.Galway.

Despite the Leitrim weather, riders presented themselves in rain gear with their mounts ready for their tack inspection. Riders then went to the map room to copy the master map of the POR (orienteering) route and were told the expected speed for the first section of the ride.Remounting they set off as individuals or in pairs along the roads and tracks.


Check points & ticket points were set up in various unknown positions where the riders were timed and held before being set off at a new speed.  The accuracy of the map copying was essential to help keep riders on the correct route and following the horses ahead was no guarantee that they were on the right route either! Several competitors had an 'interesting ride' but everyone returned safely having had a great day.

Catering was provided by Sharon Garland in her endeavour to raise sponsorship money for her half marathon in aid of Temple street childrens hospital and anyone interested can donate via

All riders had turned out in their Hi – Vis saftey wear,but a special prize was up for grabs on the day for the “Best Hi-Vis Turnout” in an effort from ThreeCounties Trec to promote riding road and saftey. This was awarded to young rider Aoibhinn Reynolds and Amanda for their superb effort! Both Amanda and Aoibhinn also took first place in the level one pairs section!

With a fantastic score of 249 points,first place in level 2 Individuals was claimed by Siobahn Cashin with her ID stallion The Devils Punchbowl otherwise known as “Muffin!” 

Running any equine competition involves a large number of helpers, stewards, judges and scorers and we would like to extend our our sincere thanks to all our volunteers, old and new, for helping to make it a very successful day.ThreeCounties TREC would especially like to extend a special thank you to our Technical Delegate, Karen Murphy (Midlands TREC) and Leinster TREC's Diana Huid and Sheila Fuller for stewarding on the day. We were also very fortunate to have the support of Noel Quinn from Hynes/Quinn School of Motoring for his genourous support.

ThreeCounties Trec will next be hosting a 2Phase CoP/PTV competition at the Leitrim Ploughing Championships in Ballinamore,Co Leitrim.

Please see our facebook page ThreeCounties TREC or our new website for details and membership.

Article written by ThreeCounties TREC Chairperson Heidi Doyle.


ThreeCounties TREC POR Results March 29th

Level 2 Individual:

1st - The Devils Punchbowl - Siobhan Cashin

Level 2 Pairs:

1st - Jacinta Magennis – Velvet and Jacqueline Magennis – McHay Diamond

2nd - Siobhan McLoughlin - Trevor - and Siobhan Curran - Annabelle

Level 1 Pairs:

1st - Amanda Ni Sheridan - Abbey and Aoibhinn Reynolds - Cupcake

2nd - Hazel Tuthill - Smokie ; Alannagh Childs - Bobby and Amy Dunne - Murphy

3rd - Danny Scollan - The Icecreamfellow and Diane Wilson- Cloudy Eye

4th - Rob Steinke - Solero and Moira Cook-Hanaphy - Bess

5th - Ollie Kyne – Portability;Fiona McManus - Smokie and Megan McAvoy - Pumpkin

6th - Tara Brennan - Boynehall Benny - Conall Doyle - Raven - and Shauna Doyle - Misty

Spring Sunshine for Leinster TREC POR

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Leinster TREC had a beautiful summery day for their POR competition on Sunday 22nd March at the popular venue of Ballinagappa House Stables in Clane, Co Kildare. This was the first leg of the eagerly-anticipated annual Leinster TREC POR League and the organisers breathed a sigh of relief when the day dawned bright and sunny.


There was a phenomenal entry of 32 riders over three levels: 1, 2 and 2X.


The 2X riders started off with a bit of a shock in the maproom when their maps were taken and they were given bearings instructions. This brought them across the venue's lush pastures and thence on to quiet country lanes followed by forestry and bog tracks.


Levels 1 and 2 got to enjoy the picturesque lanes of the Ballinagappa area as well as the same forestry and bog tracks.


All riders returned with big smiles and full of enthusiasm for the next TREC competition. Huge thanks are due, as ever, to the organisers and volunteers.



Level 2x Pairs – 1, Monty’s Mason (Sheaffe Monteith) & Solo (Niamh O hUid); 2, Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) & Ross ML (Caroline Aragane); 3, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller) & Pennie Black (Trish Young); 4, Surprise (Paula Donohoe) & Haise (Marie Gallagher).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Callie (Lorna O’Neill) & Bubbes (Geraldine McGuinness); 2, Lady Jane (Sophie Sauveroche) & Cocky (Louise Parkhill); 3, Maggie (Liz Burbage) & Duke (Vicky McMullan).

Level 2 Individual - Zee (Tara Creighton).

Level 1 Pairs- 1, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke) & Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); equal 2, Ben (Margo Monaghan) & Harper (Aisling Noonan) and Frere Jacuqe (Margaret Lynch) & Fellowsfield Freelancer (Louise Parkes); equal 4, Merlin (Helen McCormack) & Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack) and Eddie (Danielle Herbert) & Santo (Una Mion); 6, Winnie (Anne Smyth) & Temple House Lady (Diarmuid Smyth).