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TRI Equestrian Leinster TREC PTV/ MA 9th October

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Open – 1, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 2, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen).

Intermediate – 1, Shakespeare (Maura Walsh); 2, Cocky (Louise Parkhill); 3, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 4, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid); 5, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 6, Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke).

Novice - 1, Cocky (Minna Junnikkala); 2, Haise (Marie Gallagher); 3, April Raven (Rachel Harney); 4, Penny (Alice Murphy); 5, Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan); 6, Hugo (Liisa Rantamaki).


PTV and MA Championships 2016 Results

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A huge well done to everybody who took part at the PTV and MA Championships at Deerpark Equestrian on Sunday 18th September.

Many thanks go to all the groups who sponsored classes, Turas Trec Kerry Trec Leinster TREC West Cork Trec Midlands Trec and ThreeCounties Trec. Orchard Equestrian and PC Megabits for the sponsorship too! A big thank you to all involved on the day, Adrian J. Flynn, Karen Murphy and Bastian for the D-TREC as well our Dressage Judge, Elaine Neary for Speed TREC and Karen Nicholson for being TD for MA and PTV. Felicity Lyons and everybody at Deerpark of course!!

Michael Murphy took brilliant photos on the day as well, so thank you! A big thank you to Winfried Bastian who sponsors, and runs the Rider of the Year League, aka the 'Abbey Cup', which was also presented on the day, to Kayleigh McKormack.

Results were as follows:




PTV Open Championship – 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 2, Mighty Mouse (Amanda Sheridan); 3, Casper (Annie O’Neill); 4, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 5, Callie (Lorna O’Neill); 6, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll).

PTV Intermediate Championship – 1, Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade); 2, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 4, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Elwood); 5, Tennessee Ted (Rachel Woollett); 6, Shakespeare (Maura Walsh).

PTV Novice Championship – 1, Monty’s Mason (Sheaffe Monteith); 2, Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan); 3, Haize (Marie Gallagher); 4, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher); 5, Sali Mali (Patricia Young); Casey (Millie O’Sullivan).

MA Championship – 1, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 2, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kincade); 4, Tennessee Ted (Rachel Woollett); 5, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher); 6, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage).

D-TREC Open – 1, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 2, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 3, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 4, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 5, Mighty Mouse (Amanda Sheridan).

D-TREC Intermediate – Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade); 2, Casper (Annie O’Neill); 3, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 4, Ruben (Felicity Lyons); 5, Gladys (Jane Capener); 6, Carrickavoher Charlie (Ryan Brooks).

D-TREC Novice – 1, Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan); 2, Sali Mali (Patricia Young); 3, Haize (Marie Gallagher); 4, Monty’s Mason (Sheaffe Monteith); 5, Baskin (Fergal Trayers); 6, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher).

SPEED TREC Open – 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); Mighty Mouse (Amanda Sheridan); 3, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll); 4, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 5, Tenaja Sioux (Mary Elliott); 6, Callie (Lorna O’Neill).

SPEED TREC Intermediate – 1, Shakespeare (Maura Walsh); 2, Carrickavoher Charlie (Ryan Brooks); 3, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood); 4, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke);, 5, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid); Tennessee Ted (Rachel Woollett).

PTV Intermediate (Non-Championship) – 1, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid); 2, Robin de banc (Emma O’Sullivan).

PTV Novice (Non-Championship) – 1, Harry (Sue Moles).

Teams – 1, Midlands TREC: Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack) & Batman (Kirsten McCormack) & Tennessee Ted (Rachel Wollett).

Abbey Cup (Rider of the Year) – 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 2, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Mighty Mouse (Amanda Sheridan); 4, Leith Pimpernel (Mairead Moynihan); 5, Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan); 6, Haize (Marie Gallagher).

West Cork TREC 10.9.16 Results

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West Cork Trec 3 phase one day event, Lios Lara Riding Stables, Castletownbere Sat 10th Sept

L2 Pairs

1 Johanna Connor Dippy

Millie Casey

2 Jane Capaner Gladys

Lucy Murphy Winston

3 Shirley Squire Comanche

Kate Sheehan Camper

World Championships, Segovia, Spain

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The FITE World Championships for Senior and Young riders took place in Segovia, Spain from the 1st to 3rd of September 2016. Kirsten McCormack with her horse Strand Hill Batman represented TREC Ireland in the Young Rider section, doing so for the second time after also being selected for the team in Italy, 2014. Kirsten's mother Helen was the Irish Chef d'Equipe with International Judges Adrian Flynn, Mairead Moynihan and Gwen Bastian also representing Ireland at the event. Luckily, TREC GB was able to arrange a space on their lorry for Batman so he travelled in great company and style! 

Even with the high temperatures and barren landscape the venue was spectacular, with a number of arenas, cafes and facilities. Riders were able to practice their MA, go for many hacks to familiarise themselves with the maps and with ample wash bays were able to keep horses cool. Kirsten's sister Kayleigh, who is also on the Young Rider Development squad with her pony Caspian, was well familiar with both TREC and Batman and acted as groom, with dad John keeping everybody's spirits up and taking many photos. 

Team Ireland was completed by Noreen Hennessy, Amanda Sheridan and Elaine Neary who all came over to support the Irish and see what would be in store at future events.

Batman passed the vetting on Thursday morning with flying colours, and a great low heart rate. The language barrier proved a little confusing at the equipment check when shoes and nails were requested - of course the 'hoof boot' and ' farriers tools' is what was meant! The opening ceremony took place inside the beautiful town of Segovia, due to it being a 10km round trip on horseback, the decision was made not to put Batman through this the night before a World Championship POR! 

The POR was tricky and included grid references and very difficult terrain, as well as being incredibly hot. A lengthy thunder storm did cool horses and riders down however, and TREC GB as well as Team McCormack greeted Kirsten and Batman at the finish - some 10km away from the venue. Again, Batman sailed through the vetting and everybody was set for the MA and PTV on Friday morning. Beautifully turned out with a Shamrock adorning his quarters, Batman cantered a full 30 points and achieved a very respectable 13 points for the walk, in a very scary arena (10 judges with parasols, chairs and potted plants) to achieve 43 out of 60 points.

On to the PTV, which was full of jumps, perfectly suited for most Irish horses and riders, but this combination in particular! A group of non Irish Batman fans followed the combination around to watch the jumps, and were astounded at the control exhibited  from the Path Crossing to a difficult S-Bend, followed straight by a gallop - some 'wows' of admiration were overheard.

Finishing on a score of 111, her combined score put Kirsten into 16th place in the Young Rider Individual section, a fantastic result for a superb rider and horse, the true definition of what TREC is all about: horse and rider coming together to bring out the best in each other. 

Well done Kirsten, you have done yourself, your family, country and organisation extremely proud. We look foward to seeing what you can do on home turf next year! 

Leinster TREC POR League Results

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Level 2X Individual – 1, Gallerus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson).

Level 2X Pairs – 1, Napoleon (Niamh O’Huid) and Quida (Laura Byrne).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke) and Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); 2, General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage) and Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen); 3, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid) and Callie (Lorna O’Neill); 4, Surprise (Paula Donohoe) and Haize (Marie Gallagher).

Level 1 Individual – 1, Sali Mali (Trish Young).

Level 1 Pairs – 1, April Raven (Rachel Harney) and Trekerwys Sweet William (Naomi Tamblyn); 2, Blue (Fiona Healy ) and Oreo (Alison Whittaker); 3, Trino (Siobhan Maher) and Pasha (Ulla Seppanen); 4, Poppy (Caitriona Scanlan) and Megan (Zoie Blackmore) and Apatchy (Laura McKidd); 5, Polo (Madeleine Kelliher) and Ben (Margo Monaghan).


TREC Ireland Open Championships Results

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Gain Feeds Level 1 Pairs - 1, Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan) & Ballyhaise (Marie Gallagher); 2, Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley) & Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 3, Cherokee Blossom (Siobhan Ovington) & Amber Sky (Patrick Byrne); 4, Cheyenne River Sioux (Emily Gardiner) & Horse (Carmel O’Callaghan); 5, Brownie (Anne O’Riordan) & Lady Shareef Clover (Beverley Mulryan).

Quinns Level 1 Individual – 1, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 2, The Mighty Tim (Catherine Bartley).

VBandz Level 2 Pairs – 1, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid) & Callie (Lorna O’Neill); 2, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke) & Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); 3, Gladys (Jane Capener) & Shady (Jenni Andrew); 4, Roos (Zoe Mortimer) & Coolhenry Hanna (Bobbie Ovington); 5, Piccolo (Katy Martin) & Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters).

Claire Molloy Ceramics Level 2 Individual – 1, Chester (Fionnuala Solomon); 2, Shannon (Finian Carroll); 3, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack); 4, Carrickavoher Charlie (Ryan Brooks); 5, Gallerus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson); 6, Sali Mali (Trish Young).

The Field Equestrian Centre Level 3 Pairs – 1, Johnny (Cassie O’Connell) & Ballymaclune Harry Leggs (Dede Clune); 2, Abbey (Amanda Sheridan) & Clooncarne Double C (Aoibhionn Reynolds); 3, Rushams Golden Breeze (Antje Keller) & Callaighstown (Elizabeth Keane).

Lady Chapel Stores Level 3 Individual – 1, Wooda (Sarah Thurnell); 2, Batman (Kirsten McCormack; 3, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen).

Saoirse Saddlery Level 4 – 1, Flicka (Mairead Moynihan); 2, Marty Zee (Bambi Carroll).

Equine Therapies Veteran Horse Class - Zaristo (Sheila Fuller). Brendan Doyle Traditional Irish-Bred Horse Class – Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan).

Brian Geissel Photography Team Class – 1, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid) & Callie (Lorna O’Neill) & The Mighty Tim (Catherine Bartley) & Zaristo (Sheila Fuller).

Orla O’Reilly Memorial Shield (Best Newcomer) – Carrickavoher Charlie (Ryan Brooks).

West Cork Trec Summer League PTV Sun Aug 14th

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West Cork Trec Summer League PTV Sun Aug 14th

Bantry Pony Trekking

1st Winston Elli Horgan

2nd Kal Frances Whooley

3rd Molly Elaine Dolan Crowley

Level 2

1st Bailey Sara Gems

2nd Gladys Jane Capener

3rd Jester Sue Parfitt


1st Flower Power Bastian

Report Lullymore EC 17.7.16

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Many thanks to Celia Taylor for this report:

Sunday 17 July saw the third leg of the TRI Equestrian/Leinster TREC MA/PTV League. The competition was held at Lullymore Equestrian near Rathangan, Co Kildare. A really ideal venue for TREC as there is an all-weather cross country track with plenty of TREC type obstacles such as water-crossing, bank, step-ups, drops, logs and other challenges. Previous events at Lullymore have been held in snow and torrential rain, but Sunday was a beautiful sunny day which added greatly to event. The Lullymore personnel were incredibly helpful, especially in clearing the track for us to assemble our obstacles.


Nineteen riders participated on the day. Sadly just one Open rider, Vicky McMullen, who, along with her mum, Liz Burbage, is preparing to travel to the UK for the TREC UK British Championships. Vicky and Garnagree Duke had a great round and found it useful practice for the Brits.


There was stronger competition in the Intermediate section which saw slightly lower fences and slightly wider corridors, but was otherwise much the same as the Open. Maura Walsh achieved a remarkable First and Second on two different horses, Shakespeare and Foaly. Third was Siobhan French (Choral), Liz Burbage was fourth on The General’s Daughter, Johanna Gilligan and Foaly were fifth, and sixth place went to Susanne O’Rourke and Apache.


Errors of course made a big difference to the placings in the Novice section. Several experienced competitors were caught out by the twists and turns of the course, designed by Paula Donhoe and Celia Taylor. Margo Monaghan did a picture-perfect round on Ben to win, followed by Karina Kerrigan on Sinatra (second) and Jean Robinson, also riding Sinatra. Heather Egan was fifth on Brasso and Emma Robinson sixth on Fletch.


The day was rounded off with the presentation of rosettes and lovely prizes sponsored by TRI Equestrian.


As always there were many helpers and judges, both riding and non-riding, much appreciated by the organisers, and this ensured that the event ran on time, and was good fun for all.


Results Lullymore 17.7.16

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Open – 1, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen).

Intermediate – 1, Shakespeare (Maura Walsh); 2, Foaly (Maura Walsh); 3, Choral (Siobhan French); 4, The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 5, Foaly (Johanna Gilligan); 6, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke).

Novice – 1, Ben (Margo Monaghan); 2, Sinatra (Karina Kerrigan); 3, Sinatra (Jean Robertson); 4, Brasso (Heather Egan); 5, Fletch (Emma Robinson).


More thank yous - Nationals!

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We noted the omission of two important thank yous in the National Championship report - so a massive thank you to Adele Connor, our event secretary, as well as Geraldine Hourihane, who very kindly sponsored a beautiful bell presented to Jenni and Martah Norton of Bantry Pony Trekking. 

National Championships 2016 Report

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West Cork TREC was the host for the 2016 TREC Ireland National Championships. Held by kind permission of at Bantry Pony Trekking in the beautiful setting of Coomanore South, riders from Kerry, Leinster, Clare and Leitrim took part in a challenging three phase event. There were 53 entries across the two days, most of whom competed on both days.

It is always a delight to see newcomers enter the competition, and this year was no exception. We introduced a special Level 1 Class for Under 16s, which allowed 7 of our U16 riders to enter their first three phase competition by going out in 2 groups with an adult rider accompanying each group as a non-competing supervisor. From the moment the horse boxes started rolling in to Bantry on Friday, the TREC camaraderie was evident, with the experienced always willing to help the inexperienced set up corralling equipment and tents. Friends greeted each other enthusiastically, and new friendships were formed before the weekend was out. The TREC groups are dotted around the country, and for some it is a long way to West Cork, so we thank all those who made the trip.

Traceur Bastian’s route took riders over bogs, on quiet country lanes and due to the generosity of many local farmers, across some wonderful fields, tracks and past beauty points such as Lough Bofina and Kealkill’s stone circle. West Cork TREC would like to extend a very warm thank you to all the land owners, without whom the true beauty of the area could not have been shown. The team at Bantry Pony Trekking provided a wonderful meal, with riders consulting that day’s scores and analyzing the route and checkpoint locations, figuring out where they may have lost precious points.

Sunday dawned with beautiful clear skies and sunshine and started early with a vet check for all horses. The Chilean vet declared all horses fit to compete, and the first riders started with the MA, (Control of Paces). The 150m corridor proved a decider in scores, with Sheila Winters scoring a fantastic 53 out of 60 to win top points in this phase. The obstacle course (PTV) built by Chef de Piste Bastian was next, a worthy Championship course with tight angles, jumps and tricky combinations. The undulating ground and hills had the beautiful Bantry Bay as a background with the sun shining down. Newcomer Lorea O’Sullivan, a young rider with the team from Lios Lara Riding Stables took first place in the PTV with a superb score of 148 out of 160 points.

Winners came from all groups and counties in Ireland, with a variety of breeds of horses and ponies. In the Level 1 it was mother son combination Anne Marie and Ciaran Cronin that took the red ribbon, with Anne Marie also taking home the coveted Grangeclare Cup for her overall highest Level 1 scores. In Level 2 pairs, another mother child combination, Liz Burbage and Vicky McMullan took 1st place, with Liz also winning Best Coloured horse and the Level 2 Grangeclare Cup. In the Individuals two Clare based riders fought it out for the win, with Kate Ryan Brouwer beating Finian Carroll to take home the red rosette. Mairead Moynihan maintained her overnight lead to win the Level 3 individual class, as well as the Level 3 highest overall score to win the Grangeclare Cup. In the Pairs class, Dede Clune and Kayleigh McCormack beat new to Level 3 Young Riders Fionnuala Solomon and Yasmin Roo Joyce- Nightingale. Kayleigh also had the highest PTV score in the Level 3, with a fantastic score of 139, a brilliant result for the Young Rider from Midlands TREC. Young Riders were extremely well represented at the event, with local rider Amanda Kelleher scoring the highest PTV in the Level 1 at her first three phase event. Lorea O’Sullivan won the U16 class, trained well by former International Young Rider, Annie O’Neill, and competing her pony, Poppy. Second was Ellie Horgan, team Bantry Pony Treeking, followed in third by Kate Sheehan. Another Young Rider Ryan Brooks from Three Counties TREC (Leitrim), who competed at his first TREC event and had a very impressive 30 points in the MA.

West Cork TREC and TREC Ireland would like to express their sincere thanks to our sponsors (Mother Bee, Bantry Pet & Equine Shop, O'Brien's Saddlery, Orchard Equestrian, KK Kennels, Brick Oven Bantry, West Carbery Pony Club, Castlemore Riding School, AIB Skibbereen, Jenni & Martha Norton, Megan Lynch & family, Julie & Annie O'Neill) to our competitors, judges & helpers and all our officials, especially the Traceurs (Bastian and Ian Squire, TD Gwen Bastian (Assistant TD Fiona Bastian) with a marvellous team at the venue (Karen Murphy, Sheila Fuller), the “men” (John Enright, Greg Owens and Jonathan Pheysey) for the smooth road crossings, Ros Lynch and Jill Davies for scoring, to everyone who supplied the food at the BBQ on Saturday to Berry for the refreshments on Sunday to those who loaned us equipment (line marker Bunratty UFC, tables & chairs Mealagh Valley Community Hall) to sponsors who donated consumables for the competitors and landowners (Drinagh Eurospar Skibbereen, Brosnan's Centra Schull).

Special thanks must of course go to Bantry Pony Trekking for hosting the competition at their venue, and lastly but not least, to Bastian who has been such a driving force in both West Cork TREC and TREC Ireland for many years. Below you will find a list of the winners, more detailed results can be found on our Results page. We hope you all enjoyed our event, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

National Championships 2016 Results

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Please note that the full results are avilable to download in PDF format in the Downloads section HERE. Many thanks to the sponsors, and congratulations and well done to all the riders! 

L3 Individual – 1, Leith Pimpernel (Mairead Moynihan); 2, Abbey (Amanda Sheridan); 3, Flora (Sandra Schmid).

L3 Pairs – 1, Carlanstown Kid (Kayleigh McCormack) and Harry Legs (Dede Clune); 2, Chester (Fionnuala Solomon) and Coco ( Yasmin Roo Joyce-Nightingale).

L2 Individual – 1, Shannon (Finian Carrol); 2, Daithi (Kate Ryan Brouwer).

L2 Pairs – 1, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullen) and The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 2, Piccolo (Katy Martin) and Paris 2 (Siobhan Wolf); 3, Shady (Diana O’hUid) and Winston (Niamh O’hUid).

L1 Individual – 1, Brownie (Anne O’Riordan).

L1 Pairs – 1, Mac (Anne-Marie Cronin) & Tinkerbell (Ciaran Cronin); 2, Frere Jacque (Margaret Lynch) and Woodbine Benjamin (Margo Monaghan); 3, Roos (Zoe Mortimer) and Hanna (Bobbie Ovington).

L1 Groups (Under 16’s) – 1, Poppy (Lorea O’Sullivan); 2, Blue (Kate Sheehan); 3, Henry (Ellie Horgan).

Best PTV – Poppy (Lorea O’Sullivan).

Best MA – Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters).

Best Young Rider Level 1 – Maple Syrup (Amanda Kelleher).

Grangeclare Cup for Overall Best TREC Ireland member: Level 3 – Leith Pimpernel (Mairead Moynihan). Level 2 – The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage). Level 1 - Mac (Anne-Marie Cronin).

Results Coolmine EC 26.6.16

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Level 3 Individual – 1, Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 2, Abbey (Amanda Sheridan); 3, Gallerus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson).

Level 3 Pairs – 1, Zee (Tara Creighton) and Bob (Ailbhe Gavin).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullan) and The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 2, Surprise (Paula Donohoe) and Haise (Marie Gallagher); 3, Kitty (Louise McCormack) and Bruce (Robert Farrelly).

Level 1 Individual – 1, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack).

Level 1 Pairs – 1, Fletch (Emma Robinson) and Horse (Marie Ralph); 2, Frere Jacque (Margaret Lynch) and Ben (Margo Monaghan).


Three Counties TREC Results 29th May 2016

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Finally - after a great weekend of training and a mini competition teamed up with the fab weather at a brilliant venue - we give the results!

Including for the first time - Speed Trec!


Level 4

1st Amanda Sheridan ( Abbey )

2nd Aoibhinn Reynolds ( Cupcake )

Joint 3rd Kirsten & Kayleigh McCormack ( Batman and Caspian )


Level 2

1st Rachel Woolett ( Ted )

2nd Diana O'Huid ( Jake )

3rd Antje Keller ( Maddie )

4th Susanne O'Rourke ( Apache )

5th Niamh OHuid ( Ruben )

6th Natasha O'Rourke ( Bronte )


Level 1

1st Cara Gilheany ( Cain )

2nd Ryan Brooks ( Charlie )

3rd Mairead Dooner ( Molly )

4th Susanne Moles ( Harry )

5th Felicity Lyons ( June )


Speed Trec

Level 4

1st Kayleigh McCormack ( Caspian )

2nd Amanda Sheridan ( Abbey )

3rd Aoibhinn Reynolds ( Cupcake )


Level 2

1st Diana O'Huid ( Jake )

2nd Susanne O'Rourke ( Apache )

3rd Natasha O'Rourke ( Bronte )

4th Rachel Woolett ( Ted )

5th Niamh OHuid ( Ruben )

6th Antje Keller ( Maddie )


Well done to everyone who took part in the training and were unable to participate in the competitions!

Turas TREC POR Results 22.05.16

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Turas TREC Training POR, Killenena, Co Clare

May 22nd,2016

Level 2x Pairs; 1st Sioux(Mary Elliot) and Beau(Kieran Browne), 2nd Ebony(Karen Nicholson) and Penny(Maunza Heidkte), 3rd Johnny(Cassie O’Connell) and Daithe(Kate Ryan)

Level 2x Ind; 1st Leith Pimpernell(Mairead Moynihan), 2nd Shannon(Finian Carroll)

Level 1 Pairs; 1st Fitzy(Hannah Clune) and Harry Legs(Deirdre Clune), 2nd Aramis(Francis Whooley) and Molly(Elaine Dolan Crowley), 3rd Deelish Molly(Sarah Whelan) and Diamond(Audrey Kelleher), 4th Dancer(Hilary Bassford) and Biscuit(Amba Kennedy), 5th Igle Piggle(Jasmine Last) and Clover( Polly Last)


Leinster TREC 3 Phase Report

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Many thanks to Sheila Fuller for this great report, capturing a great day!

Leinster TREC 3-Phase One Day Event. (15.5.16)


The Field Equestrian Centre, Ballyadams, Co Laois, was the perfect venue for Leinster TREC’s recent 3-phase One Day competition. Sunday, 15th May turned out to be one of the sunniest days so far this year and saw a total of 27 riders from all over Ireland, North and South, arrive at the venue ready to face the challenges of all 3 phases.

The Field EC has a huge range of obstacles laid out on an all-weather track surrounding grassy paddocks, and this was ideal for both the MA (Control of Paces) and PTV (Obstacles). The MA track was 120m long grassy track, on a gradual uphill, and riders’ control was tested by the proximity of a dark ‘castle’ jump alongside the track as well as a 3m wide gateway to ride through on route. Best over all levels in this section was Minna Junnikkala, riding Cocky, with a magnificent score of 53 points out of a possible 60.

The MA was followed immediately by the PTV, on the all-weather track. Chef de Piste, Ailbhe Gavin, made the most of the range of TREC Obstacles while also cleverly placing them alongside other features on the course. This meant that horses and riders had to be prepared and concentrate both at obstacles and between them, ready for each challenge ahead. The first 2 obstacles for Level 1, a Footbridge and a Tree Trunk provided the first challenge… slow and steady and then forward. For Levels 2 & 3, the most direct route to the Footbridge was through a stretch of water, with the Tree Trunk closely following after. Next challenge also asked for focus and control… forward going to a Step up or Path Crossing, followed by either a Reinback or Mounted Immobility, depending on the rider’s level. And so it continued around this well thought-out course. A Ridden Corridor, then Immobility…. A Led Incline, followed by Mounting alongside a ‘Cottage’ jump (not part of the course!)… a Hedge, followed by the Slalom… until finally, the last few Obstacles. This was a drop into a flagged water crossing followed by a Ditch for Levels 2 & 3, and then a Reinback. No let-up here, even near the end. Eager horses and riders could see the Finish line, but the control needed for the Reinback caught many out just before they could finish and relax!

The rider who achieved the best score overall in this section was Marie Gallagher and Haize, who ended up with a superb 134 points out of a possible 160.

Riders then had a sociable lunch break, before heading out on the POR (Orienteering) section, either as Individuals or Pairs, into the countryside around The Field Equestrian Centre. The lovely sunny day made the most of the stunning views on sections of their route, clear from Co Laois to the Wicklow Mountains and Level 2 riders actually crisscrossed between counties Laois and Kildare on part of their route.

Level 3 riders had a shorter route than usual, due to the 3 phase event being held over a single day, but Traceur Sheila Fuller included all the usual challenges. First surprise came in the Maproom, when they were handed an aerial photograph of the forest area around the venue, and maps were sealed. A set of marked points indicated their route out of the venue, starting by riding along a stream through the forest! Finally out of the stream, Bearings were then required to navigate to the next Checkpoint, quite a challenging start to the POR. The next section also had its surprises – riders had to navigate a route around a forested lake which wasn’t marked on the OS map and several were observed pausing, double checking map and lake! One of the L3 checkpoints was high up a forest track and riders enjoyed the fabulous views as they relaxed for a few minutes, before encountering their last surprise challenge of Grids as the final section of their route.

Level 2 and 1 riders had a kinder start to their afternoon, heading out the driveway to go either right or left respectively. All soon reached the first of many lovely grassy tracks and could enjoy a trot or canter. The routes also included riding through the woods and around the lake, but the traceur had been kinder and had drawn the lake onto their maps! Some even found time to take their horses into the water for a paddle. Level 2 riders then finished by riding back to the venue via the stream used by the L3 riders.

Fortunes varied on the POR and the best score of the day was achieved by L2 Pair, Susanne and Natasha O’Rourke, riding Apache and Bronte.

Leinster TREC are very grateful to Robert Owens, Proprietor of The Field EC, for the use of his wonderful facilities and for helping to make the day such a great success.



Leinster TREC 3 Phase results

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L3 Individual – 1, Leith Pimpernel (Mairead Moynihan).

L3 Pairs – 1, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid) and Garnagree Duke (Vicky McMullan); 2, Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack) and Batman (Kirsten McCormack); 3, Abbey (Amanda Sheridan) and Cupcake (Aoibhinn Reynolds).

L2 Individual – 1, Ballycumber Blue (Katie Elwood); 2, The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 3, Sparkie (Sheaffe Monteith); 4, Empress Gladys (Jane Capener).

L2 Pairs – 1, Winston (Martha Norton) and Hector (Jenni Norton); 2, Apache (Susanne O’Rourke) and Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); 3, Brownie (Paul Donnelly) and Pinky (James Donnelly); 4, Jacob (Anna McCarthy) and Polo (Mary Minarikova).

L1 Individual – 1, Coolroe Gold (Diana O’Huid).

L1 Pairs – 1, Haise (Marie Gallagher) and Choral (Siobhan French); 2, Black Magic Star (Louise Parkhill) and Cockie (Minna Junnikkala); 3, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher) and Ben (Margo Monaghan).

Best Overall MA – Cockie (Minna Junnikkala).

Best Overall PTV – Haise (Marie Gallagher).

Best Overall POR – Apache (Susanne O’Rourke) and Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke).

Pictured below are all the prize winners, and Robert Owens, proprietor of The Field Equestrian Centre.


Leinster TREC TRI Equestrian MA/ PTV League

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Results and a report (thanks Sheila Fuller) from Leinster TREC's league at Castlewarden: 

The lovely Derby Arena at Castlewarden Horse and Pony Club, Co Kildare, was the venue for Leg 2 of the TRI Equestrian Leinster TREC MA/PTV League, 2016. On a fine and sunny morning, Sunday, 24th April, a total of 23 riders and horses arrived to walk the course and prepare for the experience of competing on a grass surface, a big change from the previous arena-based events of early in the year.

The ground was in wonderful condition and the Organisers had included a great variety of TREC Obstacles, putting the existing Derby obstacles and the lie of the land to great use to plan a course that was both fun and technical to ride.


The competition started with the MA corridor of 50m laid out in the adjacent tree lined arena. Riders then immediately headed towards the Derby Field via a connecting grassy lane to start the PTV course.

For the Open level, the course started in that grassy lane, with 2 onward bound obstacles- a Ditch and a Tree Trunk. Out then to the open Derby field to see a Rein-back right in front, to test control of rider and horse. Forward then to the Slalom and Low Branches. Horses were ready now for the Path Crossing which comprised a jump up onto a bank and down off it… BUT only 3 strides in front was a drop into water! So riders had to be prepared and ready to turn their horse immediately or risk a ducking! Luckily, no one had that experience.

Next followed a set of very well placed obstacles…. The Mounted Immobility within a grassy circle of bushes, the Water Crossing with a related difficulty of stepping up out of it, and the Footbridge which was laid out on top of a mound so that horses had to approach up a rise and descend immediately after.

Onward again to the Hedge, beautifully decorated with yellow Gorse flowers and bushy branches and then the S-bend – also well placed on top of a mound so that riders had to prepare the horse to steady for it. Then came the last of the ridden obstacles, the One-handed Figure of Eight just after riders came down from the mound, so again preparation was the key.


After this, riders dismounted for the last four Led Obstacles, first through the Horsebox, then back again to the S-bend and back over the Footbridge. The final obstacle was Mounting and this was a real challenge, since the natural bank at the edge of the grassy field was part of the circle! Riders could use this as the ‘mounting block’ if they needed one and careful placing and obedient horses was the key here! Then riders left the field through the nearby gate to their horseboxes, a fitting finish to a well thought-out and enjoyable course.


The Intermediate and Novice levels followed much the same course and challenges, the main differences starting with a Ridden Corridor rather than a Ditch for the first Obstacle and the Tree Trunk and other ‘jumps’ being relatively lower according to the rules.

The Open class was won by Niamh O’Huid and her handsome Ser Kai, who clearly enjoyed the Ditch and Tree Trunk start to the course but also obediently listened to his rider as he negotiated the rest of the obstacles, TREC being a relatively new challenge to this ex-eventer. Liz Burbage won the Intermediate class, continuing her success with The General’s Daughter, a lovely cob with whom she clearly has a great relationship. The Novice class was won by Minna Junnikkala, riding Cocky. Minna is quite new to TREC but has made a great start and Cocky, who has had success in the past with Louise Parkhill, made a willing partner and together they completed the course to include a fantastic set of twelve ‘10s’ for the obstacles as well as the highest score of the day, 58 points, for the MA.


Well done to all competitors and grateful thanks to the Proprietor, Jane Foley, of Castlewarden and to the Organisers, Rosemarie Bryson and Trish Young for a very well run and thoroughly enjoyable event.

For Results, see Leinster TREC’s Results page and Facebook.

For photos of the day, see Leinster TREC’s Facebook page and James Keown Photography’s Leinster TREC album.







Open – 1, Ser Kai (Niamh O’Huid); 2, Zaristo (Sheila Fuller); 3, Callie (Lorna O’Neill).

Intermediate – 1, The General’s Daughter (Liz Burbage); 2, Foley (Maura Walsh); 3, Apache (Suzanne O’Rourke); 4, Surprise (Paula Donohoe); 5, Bronte (Natasha O’Rourke); 6, Choral (Siobhan French).

Novice – 1, Cocky (Minna Junnikkala); 2, Haise (Marie Gallagher); 3, Dancer (Laura Filan); 4, Polo (Madeleine Kelleher); 5, Frere Jacque (Margaret Lynch); 6, Sparky (Sheaffe Monteith).




West Cork TREC Results 17th April 2016

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West Cork TREC Winter League PTV Bantry Pony Trekking

17 April 2016


1 Martha Norton Cornflake

2 Bridget Sheeran Michaela


1 Amanda Kelleher Maple

2 Frances Whooley Kal

3 Samantha Payne-Murphy Tetley

4 Lucy Murphy Shady

5 Elaine Dolan Crowley Molly

The Field EC & Holmestead Saddlery POR League, leg 1.

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This report was sent to us by Sheila Fuller, many thanks!

The Field EC & Holmestead Saddlery POR League, leg 1. Coilog Equestrian Centre, Kilmeague, Co Kildare.

Sunday 13th March 2016

The first of Leinster TREC’s POR League competitions, on Sunday, 13th March, drew a total of 27 riders out of their Winter hibernation to take part in what turned out to be a thrilling start to the season. For the first time, Levels 1, 2 and 3 were available to enter for both Individuals and Pair riders, and these were run over 3 different routes. The Organisers were kind enough this early in the year to make the routes shorter than usual to suit horses who might not be quite fit (never mind the riders!) but this was compensated by the technical elements for the higher levels. The area around Coilog EC is within the countryside adjacent to the Grand Canal and routes included lovely stretches of grassy tracks allowing high speeds, forestry roads and paths and quiet country lanes.

Level 3 riders were first into the Maproom and were delighted to complete their copying in record time, until they were surprised by being handed their Grids sheet just before leaving, not expecting such a challenge so soon. However, all successfully marked their maps and found their way to the next checkpoint, spotting the tickets along the way. They were rewarded thereafter with a lovely scenic route, criss-crossing back and forth over the canals and ending up on a 2km stretch of fast grassy track. After that, it was a fairly leisurely pace back to base, with just the odd ticket to be found off road by the alert rider, just to check that at Level 3 their map copying skills had been up to standard! Back to the venue finally, but not finished yet – last challenge of the day was the Ridden Bearings. Compasses in hand, riders and mounts paced their way around the grounds of Coilog equestrian centre answering questions on bearings and distances, trying to avoid picking up penalties. Again, this section was well done, and horses and riders finished appropriately enough, right by where their trailers were parked.

Meanwhile, Level 2 riders had set out on their route. No Grids and Bearings for them, but enough challenges for them to work out which bridges to cross over the canals, to get to the lovely forest area. Relieved to be on the right route, many just followed the quiet forest track to the far end Checkpoint, not having noticed in the Maproom that there were two sections off road within the woods. The tickets placed there were missed by several riders, as shown by the ‘Oh, No!’ comments heard afterwards! After the forest section came another delight, a short bit of country road and then a 3.5 km curving stretch of unused grassy towpath, a real treat for horses and riders. The high speed given for this section encouraged all to move on and it was voted one of the highlights of the route. After the canal checkpoint, it was time to go slow and cool down. But a surprise, typical of the challenge of TREC, awaited riders who were not watching their speed – an early checkpoint within 2 km of the previous one– and caught out several riders. However, it was then finally back to the venue and once again the smiling faces of riders entering the Coilog gates showed the fun and fascination of TREC.

As the last of the Level 2 riders went out on their route, it was the turn of the Level 1 riders. For the first time, Leinster TREC had some experienced Individuals who had requested to compete at Level 1, due to either new mounts or lack of horse fitness, and it was for them a great opportunity to ease back into TREC. Both Level 1 Individual and Pairs followed the same route, and had the same challenges of timing their speeds between unknown checkpoints. They started off down a quiet country lane, similar initially to the level 2 riders, but with a more simple canal crossing to get to the forest area. For them, no hidden tickets, just the challenge of being able to find the forest and then navigate through it to the far end by following the route from their maps. This part successfully done, it was back out onto quiet roads once more, decisions of right vs left needing to be made a few times, heading by a shorter route back to the canal crossing. Landmarks joyfully recognised, it was finally a fairly straightforward last section back to the venue.

At the prize-giving, the buzz of anticipation and excitement reflected the challenge that is TREC. Everyone does their best to try to match the Speeds given, all different throughout the route. No one knows how far the Checkpoints are. Higher levels hope they have found any hidden tickets. With the result that anyone has a chance to win – it’s the most accurate horse and rider on the day. And on this occasion, the happy winners came from both experienced and from new combinations, all of which makes TREC one of the fairest and most interesting sports for all.

Leinster TREC would most sincerely like to thank their Sponsors for the generous prizes, The Field Equestrian Centre, Ballyadams, Co Laois and Holmestead Saddlery, Kill, Co Kildare as well as the Byrne family of CoilOg Equestrian Centre for the use of their fine venue.